15 January 2011

{14jan2010: snowshoeing}

***Before we get to snowshoeing, I've got a question for you all. Darwin has a split ear tip (don't know if another dog nicked it or it just split from shaking her head so violently).  I took her to the vet yesterday (more on that in another post) and got a topical medicine for it. The thing is because she keeps shaking her head the split keeps opening up and bleeding everywhere.  I've been trying to tape/wrap her ears so they can stay still and heal, but all the methods I've tried have slid off.  I've tried gauze bandage strip, a bandana, and and ace bandage, but they all slip to the back of her head.  The vet tech said we could use a tube sock to tie her ears down, but I assume that will just slide off as well.  I'm going to run to the drug store at lunch and get liquid bandage and maybe a wider ace bandage... but I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to secure her ears down.  Thanks so much!!!

Now, onto snowshoeing!

Jason and I got snoewshoes for each other for Christmas and we finally broke them in the other weekend.  We received a book about snowshoeing locations in Washington and found the Lower Gold Creek Basin just east of Snoqualmie Pass.
When we got there the lower part of the trail was full of families and kids sledding.  Darwin was super pumped to get out of the car and into the snow.  After passing the most crowded area we strapped on our snowshoes and proceeded up the mountain.  
There were quite a few other snowshoeing families that had their dogs along with them so we waited til we passed the more crowded spots and were further up before we let Dar off. 
The forest road we were walking on was pretty groomed so the snowshoes weren't really necessary, so Jason thought we should really get into it by going off the road and onto the soft powder.  Darwin was quick to follow him, but a little too quick as she kept stepping on the back of his snowshoes.
She'd try to run back over to me, but sink in the snow.
Of course all that off the beaten path romping resulted in a bunch of scrapes on Darwin's legs.  She left a blood trail again, though not as bad as on our Twin Falls hike.
So many pictures... this post will be continued!


  1. I had the EXACT same problem with my dane and my other hound mix. (too much bitey face after being cooped up due to a tropical storm here)

    I ended up putting on the ointment, folding a piece of all cotton gauze and then wrapping that with waterproof ace bandage tape. I can send you an email picture of what I did if you would like. my email is alysonodom@gmail.com if you want to email me first so you dont have to leave your email in the comment section.

    ps- the pics are adorable!!!

  2. I cuts my feets everytime in the deep snow too Darwin.

    woof - Tucker

  3. What a great adventure! Sorry you got ouchies....that isn't good.... Yes, I will watch your Seahawks this weekend! As you know -- I love football -- can't miss watching a good game! They are predicting a Seahawk victory over the Bears....will be fun to watch!

  4. Hi Darwin, I just love all the snow photos. They are amazing. Be careful Darwin in that deep snow. P.S. Darwin's Mum. Is there some kind of glue type stuff that could be put on Darwin's ear. I know they use some type of this when little kids should have a stitch in a cut but instead they put this gluey stuff on. No worries, love Carol.

  5. oh that's funny. my brother (the TravelMarx) live in Seattle too and they also went snowshoeing! we HAVE To do it soon with our dogs, only we want to find safe places off leash. hard to find that here. plus believe it or not, NO snow near by... we'd have to really hike deep into the alps and with all the work we've been doing lately and entertaining, neither of us have the energy. sigh. but we did buy snowshoes and poles and ski clothes for ourselves!

    neat post. i love what you do with darwin. don't know about the ear tho. seems like a catch 22! sock over the head! ha! not.

  6. We've always wanted to try snowshoeing, and it looks even cooler that Darwin can come. We don't really know anything about the ear situation. Miss M has had this huge cut on her chin that she keeps scratching and opening up--because she's 'Miss M Scissorhands' and if you find any good solutions maybe we could us it too.

  7. LOL...I totally know how all that goes!! Heffner is usually the one tromping on the back of my snowshoes. And Bess is the one who frolicks where she probably shouldn't and gets her legs all scraped up. The last time I took them out together she cut herself really good to the point that I had to bandage the backs of her legs up once we got home.

  8. OH MY!

    It looks like my kind of place!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  9. Hi Darwin,

    I'm impressed you like that cold white stuff...I'm such a dainty dane that I don't do well in the cold and snow. I pretty much just go out and do my bidness then come back in. You are such an adventurous dane.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  10. Sorry to hear about darwins ear..we hope its soon mended!

    What absolutely fabulous snow pictures.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx