01 February 2011

{31jan2011: acupuncture}

We hadn't realized it's been so long since our last acupuncture appointment for Darwin, but it's been since October!  Last weekend she started looking a bit gimpy in her backside so we got her in to see our holistic vet.  Darwin seems to be the highest energy level Great Dane we know.  Hour long walks or hour long stops at the dog park don't tire her out for long.  So before our afternoon appointment we took her to daycare* to tire her out a bit.
(sorry for the blurry pictures!  And it bugs me so much when her collar is upside down!)
There are a couple spots Darwin is not a fan of the needles being placed (on her legs) but for the most part really likes going to see Dr Kelleher.  
When we got home all the activities from the day left us with one tired pooch!  Woo hoo!

*She's been going twice a week to daycare and still no big breakthroughs in her enjoyment of it.  She's fine walking in and will stand around the whole time totally calm (not really relaxed, but fine). When we go to pick her up and her name is called in the back she gets crazy!  Barks at the other dogs, lunges to get out, pulls the poor worker through the door.  They laugh and say, she's so good during the day, but she's so eager to leave.


  1. That still looks like it would hurt....I know it doesn't but still....hope all gets better soon, my friend!

  2. Hi Darwin, I know how you feel. My doctor also does acupuncture on me. There are certain areas on my back that I really feel it too. I hope you get better too.

  3. The vet tech at my 'western' vet said she had acupuncture done on her IBD dog and recommending to Remi. I just got Dr. Kelleher's book, "Last Chance Dog" from the library. Drat, you must have gotten to Westcrest right after we left Saturday. But we will see you on the 13th!!!

  4. Who knows? Maybe she enjoys the company of other dogs but just doesn't really feel like interacting. Glad the acupuncture is helping.

    Mango Momma

  5. I never enjoyed accupuncture myself, but I never realized how well it would work for dogs. Does she ever freak out when it touches her? That's one thing I can't imagine Miss M sitting still for.

  6. darwin is a brave dog! i don't think i could handle all those needles in me!

  7. Hi Darwin and Mom,
    We're glad you dropped by our blog so that we got to meet. There are ten of us, eight Porties and two mixes. Mom's first Portie had a pinched nerve in his back and acupuncture helped him walk normally. He used to fall asleep during the treatment, then get the munchies afterwards.

    We'll bookmark your blog and come back to visit often.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  8. We hope the acupuncture helps.

    If Darwin doesn't really like daycare she does well to go in and tolerate it. She is such a lovely girl.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx