04 February 2011

{03feb2011: back in action}

After Boo's tennis balls incident he had his surgery, healed up, and is back in action!  Darwin spent the day at his house for a play date today.  Lots of tug and lots of chase!

Boo and Seamus make off with the toys while Darwin and Gino are left behind.  (It's sibling play dates... Boo and Darwin and Gino and Seamus)

Nothing like a good day of sibling rivalry!

An update and an answer to questions we've gotten... 
Many about Darwin's ear which was bandaged in the last Wordless Wednesday post.  Darwin had an ear infection and a little cut on the tip of her ear, we've managed to clear up the infection (we go back in to check it out at the vet tomorrow morning) and the cut has mostly healed up but every so often pops back open so we've been back and forth between unbandaged and bandaged.

Darwin at daycare... We had a pretty good week!   I was watching their webcam and got a little nervous when I didn't see Darwin on camera for a while and called them up to make sure she was okay (yes I'm THAT mom).  It turned out one of the workers at the day care brought her Great Dane in and they took him and Darwin and a few other dogs (around 10-12 of them) into another area for play time.  We all agreed we think Darwin liked that set up better being in a smaller group.  When we went to pick her up though she was in a back kennel for a break because she still gets a little worked up at going home time and starts barking which riles up the other dogs.  After she dragged the worker out front with her I made her relax and calm down before letting her outside to the car.  The worker said she's very vocal but not aggressive at the gate like some other dogs are, but she does get very loud.

Darwin turns 2 on Monday and I can't believe it!!!  Trying to think of what her special birthday meal should be!  Any suggestions?


  1. Looks like everyone had a fun play date!

    Maybe Darwin would like a nice juicy steak for her Birthday:)

  2. Glad to hear Boo is back in action :)


  3. Oh WOW Darwin! you are pretty much the same age as Delta! Delta just turned 2 a few days ago.

    You and Boo look like the bestest of buddies :) Playing is like a duty for me. I know Delta needs her playtime everyday so I just go along with it. The sooner done, the sooner over!

    your pal,

  4. Brillo paws to see Boo back in action. The play date looks fun.

    Have a great weekend.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx