09 February 2011

{08feb2011: Celebrate good times come on!}

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  I don't know why, but Darwin's 2nd birthday was a bigger deal to me than her first!  I did show some restraint and didn't go as crazy as I could have, but she did have one heck of a birthday (and I actually started celebrating on Saturday, but we'll get to the prebirthday activities in another post).
Like last year, I made her wear a party hat (which she still isn't thrilled about).

Her grandma and grandpa VB sent her a present which she opened first (I just realized I didn't take a picture of it!).

It's a Paws Hide puzzle toy from Kyjen!  It's funny because at the pet store on Sunday I was thinking if I should finally buy a real brain game for Dar and stop using my cupcake pans (which seems slightly unsanitary).  It's a good thing I didn't because grandma VB is on it!
Darwin also got a card and giant Kong!
I considered not getting Darwin a toy for her birthday since her toy box is currently overflowing, but I couldn't resist.
These Huggle Hounds are supposed to be very tough and it has a rubber body and plush extremities, how fun!
After a few rounds of testing Darwin's brain and playing with the new toy, we moved on to dinner.  I thought of making (cooking) something special for her, but got lazy and thought of the next best thing!
A bunch of Darwin's most favorite things!  A layer of rice (leftovers from our dinner the night before), a pound of raw steak pieces, grape tomatoes and bell peppers!
As I was getting it all ready, Darwin the drama queen made it known that she was ready to eat NOW!
After dinner she got a snack of another of her favorite things:

Cored apple with peanut butter in the middle!
After more toy playing (and our dinner) we moved on to dessert.

Since I'm planning on making some kind of cake for the party/reunion on Sunday we settled on vanilla ice cream (I restrained myself from adding bananas to hers).
I had Oprah on in the background and Donald Trump was on.  Jason laughed at how Darwin was eating like she was a Trump dog!
After stuffing ourselves silly in celebration we ended the night with couch cuddle time.
Birthday's are so exhausting!


  1. What a great pawty AND pressies!!

    Mom and I thought your special dinner was furry tasty!

    I think it is time to start planning fur #3!!!


  2. Wow, sounds like the best birthday ever! I'm going to try that cored apple with peanut butter... I think my Darwin will love it!

  3. What a great party (minus all those vegetables and fruits - blech more Cheese!)

    Happy BIrfday again!

    woof - Tucker

  4. What a great selection of food!

    I love hugglehounds toys, they are also super cute!

    Duke @ Poochieheaven

  5. awww! that looks like a fabulous birthday!!! she's a lucky dog!
    i've been wondering about those doggie brain games!

  6. whaddaya mean my cupcake tin is unsanitary???

    It looks like Darwin had a great birthday, worthy of a dog of her stature! I'll want an update on the Huggle Hound, though!

  7. Now thats the way to celebrate!


  8. Happy Birthday pretty girl! We have a lot of the same favorite foods! Well I am not exactly sure about tomatoes but the rest total yummers! All of your toys look super fun too!
    Good luck in MM Bad Sports contest tomorrow May the best doggie win!

  9. Happy Birthday Beautiful girl! I hope it was PAWtastic! :)


  10. how lovely!!!!!! happy b-day

    El'bow & Hauwii

  11. Wow..what fabulous birthday Darwin had.

    Special birthday dinner looked very yummy yum!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  12. thank you for making me not feel like my dog is the most spoiled in the world!!
    not to say that darwin's celebration was not totally well-deserved . . .

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com

  13. Aw...Darwin - that looks like the most perfect, perfect birthday!!! I'm drooling over all the yummy food you got to eat - you lucky pup!! And Hsin-Yi was giggling over your human's comnment about the homemade brain games being "unsanitary" - she has often had exactly the same thought!! :-) But now that I have a proper Nina Ottosson one, I still put so much slobber and slime on it that Hsin-Yi thinks it's just as digusting - ha! ha!

    Honey the Great Dane

  14. That was a lot of action! I think Darwin's fav things are some of my fav things too (minus the raw). I'm curious to hear more about the puzzle, and if it's something dogs "learn" so they get bored of it.