11 February 2011

{10feb2011: more food!}

Let's continue on the birthday celebration kick!
I really started celebrating Darwin's birthday on Saturday.  It started with a special breakfast.

Kibble topped with a small bit of rice, a fried egg, and a strawberry!
Jason and I went out that night with friends and as a treat Darwin got a leftover slider from her bff, Juneau.
{there's something delicious for me in this paper towel!!!}
She managed to slip the hamburger patty out of the slider while I was snapping away so her second treat was the buns!

Sunday was Great Dane day at Marymoor (many weekends of Marymoor to catch up on) and then we hurried home for a bath and the Superbowl! Darwin also got a pig ear as a pre-birthday treat.
(Who knew pig ears were so crunchy!)

On Tuesday night, we still had tomatoes left over from her birthday dinner so I spruced up her regular dinner (raw veggies and ground meat, a scoop of kibble, and her supplements).


  1. mmm someone sure got spoiled!


  2. so cute. it's like japanese bento box for dogs ;p

  3. Yay! Everydoggy loves a special meal! What a lucky pup!!

  4. Cheese burgers and Pug Ears, now that's my style. When you comes to visit me I'll takes you McDonalds for a double cheeseburger k?

    woof _ Tucker

  5. Darwin had a birthday feast fit for a Princess!

    Princess Darwnin!

    Have a great weekend.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  6. That's awesome! Happy birhday and here's to many more!

  7. Ooh, Darwin - I'm just drooling all over the keyboard reading this post!!

    Honey the Great Dane