02 February 2011

{01feb2011: horrifying}

Saw this article last night in the Seattle PI. I think it is the most horrifying/disturbing thing I've ever read. Just the title of it alone is shocking, "Sled dogs slaughtered due to slow tourism".  WTF?!
If you can stomach it, read the article... I'd warn against clicking to the Vancouver Sun article though as the details in it are sickening to read. 
On NPR this morning they mentioned the story and said the owner of the company, Outdoor Adventures, thought the worker was going to euthanize the dogs "humanely". I don't think there is a way to humanely "euthanize" 100 healthy dogs. HEALTHY! Hello! What this company did was murder. The employee now says he has PTSD and nightmares from what he did, but he did have a choice to say no. Sick sick sick. My first reaction was "I'm never going to Whistler again."  But it's not Whistler's fault they have a business owner with no heart. I hope charges are brought against the company, the owner and the employee who did this and I hope this company gets shut down immediately.
Ugh. I need to go home and hug Darwin.

**here's an NPR article too.


  1. I am saddened and sickened by this story. I cannot believe that someone could carry out such acts. The owner didn't care- he wasn't doing it. It is a sad tragedy and I hope that the person who did the acts and the owner are proscuted and punished! Those poor dogs- it makes me sick to my stomach and brings tears to my eyes.

    Levi's mom

  2. We would hope that this business owner has all of his dogs taken from him and is never allowed to get near a dog again.

    There is NO way that my employer would have enough money to compel me to do such a horrible act against ANY living, healthy creature - NEVER!

  3. wow.just....wow. FIRE ME! who cares I COULD NOT just do that because its in my JOB DESCRIPTION!? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!


  4. I missed this on NPR, but I am so confused. How can people this stupid be allowed to own animals? It is really upsetting.

  5. Ever since I heard about this, I can't get it out of my head -

    Nor can I read any of the articles -

    Just the emails being exchanged on SiberNet - and the blogs - is too much for me -

    I can't shake the images -

    One can only hope that Karma will get them - and they will suffer the same pains -

    Now, to hug Khyra

  6. ugh. this so totally devastating.
    the small glimmer of light in this awful story is that it has exposed the cruel industry practice of tying dogs up to barrels in big lots and then slaughtering them when they are a little inconvenient.
    i feel the same glimmer when i see a horrifying story about animal agriculture or puppy mills. people need to know what goes on if they are to make responsible, humane decisions with their pocketbooks.

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com

  7. Sorry-- I couldn't read it....I have a lot of trouble with really mean people. Do they not think? What is wrong with this world?

  8. Why why why? What is wrong with hoomans!!!!

    woof - Tucker

  9. There's nothing to say - for all of us, this is nothing short of horror and profound saddness.

  10. Not even going to click the link - second-hand is more than enough of a way to hear about it. Ugh.

    On a positive note, you asked about the snow booties - I've never had one come off either dog. I've bought cheaper ones that haven't worked so well, but the Ultra Paws ones are great (these are the ones we got: http://www.ultrapaws.com/Ultra-Paws-Rugged-Dog-Boots/productinfo/303R/) and the foam pad helps them fit snugly so snow doesn't get in. Their customer service is great, so if you've got questions about fitting the boots/what size to get, they were great with me. Good luck!

    -Dr. Liz (Fi is wrestling with Abby and is not available for comment!)

  11. This story just makes me sick to my stomach..the company should be held accountable and great action taken.

  12. Just from what I've read here, I can see I won't be able to read the article. Just horrible. Mans inhumanity to man starts with mans inhumanity to animals. Very sad. x-cassie

  13. Disgusting and horrible.

    So very sad.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  14. Do you know - one of my writer friends actually did that article? I had an email from her about it - and you can imagine how sick she is feeling! She's got 2 dogs as well and she really gave them some extra TLC when she got home!!