11 March 2011

{11march2011: Wenatchee}

A couple weekends ago we headed out to try snowshoeing to meet my yearly goal of at least one hike a month.  After driving for a couple hours, going past the snowy summit of Snoqualmie, we ended up at Wenatchee Park which wasn't as snowy as we hoped for.  We ended up doing a flat hike by the river on hard packed icy ground.... not quite what we were looking for.

After walking for a bit we decided to put on Darwin's boots because we were worried about the hard icy snow on her paws.... boots + ice = very little traction.
As we walked along Darwin found a bag of something (fertilizer? bird seed?) hanging from a tree branch.  The bag was punctured and there was stuff on the ground and Darwin was so tempted to roll in it.  Of course her attempts to roll in stinky stuff happen in such slow motion we are always able to call her off before she gets down and dirty.  (Darwin will sniff at something for a long time, then ever so slowly lower her head as if she's listening to it, and slowly will lower herself down.)
{alllmmmoosssttttt theeerrrreeeeee}
As soon as we tell her no, she's back up and stinky roll free!
{wait for me dad!!!}
Showing off her Sirius Republic collar (it's still holding up well, and I love the 2" width on her).
We walked down to the waters edge and tough girl Darwin got spooked by a rock barely covered by the water.
She spent a while checking it out and circling it, inspecting if from different angles until she finally worked up the courage to get up close and sniff it.
Once she realized we were safe and the rock wasn't going to attack her, she did a "Darwin" and peed in the water.  (I don't know why, but if there's water (a stream, river, lake, puddle) she needs to pee in it.)
We kept walking and made our way to the beach area.
We hung out on the beach for a bit before heading back. 
Though it wasn't snowshoeing, and not a very difficult hike, it was a beautiful day!

***We're still taking guesses for our Fun with Friday contest.  Robin should be getting her results soon so make sure you get your guess in!


  1. So funny that she always pees in bodies of water!


  2. I like your shoes Darwin! They are pretty fancy. And I agree that peeing in water is the best.

  3. Oh dear that post made me giggle. I love the shoes, Max loves to roll in stinky stuff but he is much quicker and his humans cant catch him in time.

  4. this is so gorgeous! i would love to live where you live!
    as an aside, our dog's best friend has an aqua-dump fetish. when we go to the beach, he beelines it into the breaking waves and immediately makes a deposit!

  5. That looks like a GREAT hike to me!
    Play bows,

  6. I just love how that collar looks on her. I am quite jealous that you all get to go on so many amazing hikes, I guess that is a downfall of our location.

  7. What an awesome hike at an awesome place! Those shoes look really good on ya. And yes, thick collars always look great on long, short haired, slender dogs like you! OOOH I bet that water was fureeezing...Betcha had a ton of fun!

  8. Peeing in the river! So not cool, Darwin. Bad dog, bad dog.

    We know all about the slow motion here. Momma says that my intentions are always broadcast well in advance of my actions.

    Us big dogs need to learn better stealth.


  9. Gotta watch out for those sneaky rocks hiding in bodies of water; you never know when they might leap out and kiss you on the nose! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  10. That looks like an alligator in the water! No wonder Darwin was checking it out.

  11. Ciao Darwin,
    finally here I am...
    Wow, you really look good in those boots...
    I am sure my human will also buy them for me for the next winter :)!!!!
    Take care!
    Ciao Lucille

  12. Another awesome adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  13. They are some stylish booties Darwin :) The snow looks so fun to run in!

    Don't worry Darwin, there is nothing wrong with being slightly unsure of a rock in the water! I(jasper) completely understand, I'm terrified of them - sometimes they just appear out of nowhere!

    We really like the last photo with the foot prints and your humans shoe :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  14. Darwin, you're quite s stylish dog! Yes, I'm a mini Darwin growing up in the PA area, I envy the nature walks you have around Washington..

  15. Ha! HA! Darwin - that Scary Monster Rock is such a Dane thing!!! :-) I would be like that too!

    Wow - a hike in the snow - how lucky are you! Gorgeous pictures! Wish I could have come with you!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. peeing in the water?? How weird! I've never heard of a doggie doing that before!!

  16. Great hike! Mom lived in western Washington for several years. So many beautiful places to explore! Glad you had a SUNNY Day!

    Darwin's a kick! :D So good to meet her.

    I'm following her tail so I don't miss her next adventure! :)

    Waggin at ya,