04 March 2011

{04march2011: fun with Friday}

We're having a contest!
It's called... guess what Friday is!
Robin has long wondered what the makeup of her girl Friday is so she and Bb finally took the plunge and are getting Friday's DNA tested.  They are using a company called Wisdom Panel and should be getting the results soon.  It's fascinating to go to their photo gallery and see what the results were for other doggies.
We thought it'd be fun to see what everyone out there thought what Friday's genetic background is made up of so we're turning it into a contest.  You can go to their Breed Library to see all the various breeds Friday could possibly be.  Prize(s) to be determined...
To refresh your memory, here are some photos of Friday.

Here she is next to Darwin so you can get an idea of her size.
Let the guessing begin! 

Some words from Friday's mom: "As Friday's mom, I'll give some background. Friday is about 65 pounds, and VERY mellow. She sheds a LOT-we use the infamous furminator on her...which works wonders. She has perfect teeth. I got her from the pound when she was one year old so I've never seen her as a pup."


  1. That worried face is definitely the look of a German Shepherd. Her coat and stance back up that theory.

    Her body, deep chest, heart girth and ear set make me think lab.

    That's my guess... German shepherd and lab. OH! and a whole lotta awesome!

  2. I'm guessing German Shepherd and some type of hound. I thought Friday was a big dog, but in that photo next to Darwin she looks like a tea-cup breed.

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  4. Oh man, this is hard but I DEFINITELY see German Shepherd in her too. No doubt! I think she's GSD Lab mix? Maybe GSD Rott mix? GSD Beagle mix? GSD Husky Chow mix? GSD Corgi mix??? Sigh. I'm not too good with this guessing game.

    But fun game nonetheless!

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  6. I think she is German Shepard, lab and maybe coon hound.

  7. Akita/German Shepard/Rhodesian Ridgeback/hound...

  8. Friday is part German Shepard and part Blood Hound. Look at the first photo. She has the eyes and concern in her face of a breed that cares for people. I think her gentle nature comes from some blood hound background.

  9. I think she's a German Shepherd/lab/husky/princess mix. Patrick thinks she's a german shep/sharpei/rabbit mix. Why else would she run so funny? :)

  10. I'm going with the German Shepherd/Lab mix as well. With a smattering of 'unknown'.

  11. Hi Darwin,

    Sorry for not visiting for ages - as you probably saw on my blog, I've had my paws full! :-) I've been enjoying catching up, though - I thought you were very brave in the carwash!!

    Gosh, this is a hard one - I'm never any good at these guessing games. Friday does look an awful lot like my friend, Lucky Bear, back in Auckland, who was an Akita-Rottweiler-Bullmastiff-cross. But she also looks like she could have German Shepherd in her!

  12. Either anatolian shepherd or german shepherd, with a little boxer or teeny weeny bit of st. bernard...

  13. She sure has the furs of a german shepherd but her face is kind of hound dog and it seems that there is some labradork in everybody so I am guessing, German Shepherd, Beagle, Labrador.


  14. This is hard! I thought part Great Dane until you reminded us of her size! Hmm...
    German Shepherd. Mastiff? Lab?
    I don't know! But she's ADORABLE. I know that much.
    Play bows,

  15. I see german shephard dog in her, but being smaller I'm going to add labrador in as well.

    woof - Tucker

  16. We are no good at guessing these things!


  17. Hi Darwin,
    sorry for not passing by for AGES!!!
    Take it up with the lazy woman I have to live with... Thank god she has not forgotten to feed me!!!!
    By the way, I will try my own guess....
    Some German shepherd... some husky????
    I am no good at this... should come over and smell... ;)
    Ciao Lucille

  18. I'm digging the Wild Dingo woman's suggestions -

    Of khourse, I was also thinking GSD/Husky/Bloodhound/Leonburger/PAWESOME!


  19. Hi Darwin, I'm guessing Lab, German Shepherd, maybe Great Dane. Can't wait to hear. No worries love Carol.

  20. Can't wait to hear! She definitely has those Ridgeback eyes. Hey, I just awarded you the Stylish Blog award! You can pick it up from my site!

  21. I see German shepherd and retriever.

    My mom says "hi sweetie, Congrats on the upcoming wedding, hi to Andrea" and she votes for German shepherd, boxer, chow, and hound.


    Nicole and my mom Cathy