04 May 2011

{04may2011: Wordless Wednesday}

Spinning training edition:


  1. Oh Darwin!!! I'm so happy that you're doing some tricks even if you're not going to do a dance routine!!

    (But oh! oh! Why don't you? You are SO GOOD!! MY God - are you surre you're even a Dane? You move SO fast and are so agile! Gosh, if I could move like that, my human would be ecastatic!! Your talents & skills are being wasted! I think you would be a FANTASTIC dancer!!)

    Hey - now that you can do the Spin one way, try it the other way! It's good for us doggies to learn to spin both ways (we have different comments - Spin & Twist)

    Also - now you can do it in front - get your human to try it with you walking next to her (on left or right side) and then doing a Spin next to her. Like walk 4 steps - then SPIN - then walk 4 steps - then SPIN...Ta Da! Put some music on and you're dancing! :-)

    (by the way, when you're doing it walking next to her, make sure you spin outwards, AWAY from your human coz this is easier and you don't crash into her as much!)

    Ooh! Can't wait to see more!!!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. oh - thanks so much for explaining about the "Freshman 15" to us! We followed the link & read about it - that was so interesting - we had never heard about that before - but it sure makes sense now! :-)

  2. Sorry - that should have been "different commands: Spin & Twist" - not "comments"!! :-)

  3. Miss Darwin! You dance so beautifully. I hope you are entering Honey's competition.


  4. Way to go, Darwin! Did your mom have really, really tasty treats for you!?!? I hope so! You totally rocked that spinning thing!

  5. WOW for a Dane, you spin pretty fast! SWEET!!! I'm impressed.

  6. Bravo!!!! Maybe you could come over and teach us how to spin!!

  7. Yeay ! Well done Darwin ! How fast are you !!!! how do you manage ? I'm a slow butt - can't help it.

  8. you guys are cracking me up. so cute, the two of you together!!

  9. Wow so quick and so very keen! Nice work :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  10. Oh Darwin,
    congrats... you are great, should be dancing too! I am nil at dancing... we are trying ... and we are a mess!!! ah ah ah
    who knows if we will dare to present what we are doing!!!
    Ciao Lucille
    PS: yes apparently I am back after disappearing for almost a month.. I will be catching up with what you have been up to...