17 May 2011

{17may2011: Discovery}

When we know a walk just won't cut it for Darwin, and we don't feel like going to a dog park (it's hit or miss with Darwin playing with other dogs at dog parks), we'll often opt for Discovery Park where we can get her to run across the fields. 
During the winter they turn off the water fountains, so when they do get turned back on, Darwin HAS to make a pit stop at them.
After she's filled up, it's off to the fields.
As you can tell by Jason's lovely outfit, it still felt like winter though it should've felt like spring.
Darwin likes the chilly weather though because she can keep running without getting too hot!
Is it Darwin? Or a long armed kangaroo?!  hehehe
She's like the energizer bunny and can keep going and going and going.
With spring slow coming, the cherry blossoms were still blooming, which I love.
After all that running Darwin was just tired enough to stop and take in the view and do some posing.
Don't look too closely! Her Sirius Republic Tweet Tweet collar is on upside down and it bugs me! It's actually pretty dirty too!

After a good run through the park we can all go home and relax.


  1. I love the water fountain photos where she doesn't even need to stand up to drink, but just stands there and is the right height. I am still dressed for winter here in Chicago. Ironically, we had a couple of 80 degree days which were so miserable at school because they didn't turn on the air conditioning. I just found out yesterday they turned on the air, so now it's 50 degrees inside our building too.

  2. Lucky you being tall enough to use a drinking fountain!


  3. it's so gorgeous where you live. and, i love her happy ears in the ones where she's bounding like a giant rabbit :)

  4. What gorgeous action shots! Too bad you don't live close enough to Lincoln the French Great Dane, so he could burn off some of his energy, too.

    Jed & Abby

  5. It's nice to run around in a chilly weather. It keeps our bodies cool the entire time. I love those 2 first pictures of Darwin drinking. Very nice pictures!

  6. Drinking out of the fountain is very handy - we are both to chicken to do that ;)

    Chilly weather is the best time to run around, it give you that extra spring :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes