11 May 2011

{10may2011: Groupn}

There are a dozen or more of those deal sites now, even ones for pets (barking deals), but today Groupon has a great "deal" for people to donate money to PAWS Seattle.
"Since its founding in 1967, PAWS has found homes for more than 120,000 dogs and cats and today takes in hundreds of animals every month, many of whom are malnourished and dehydrated. The nonprofit organization never euthanizes healthy adoptable companion animals, and 3,000 dogs and cats are taken into new households every year as a result of PAWS' efforts. PAWS is able to make the most of its food budget thanks to discounts on pet food from manufacturers and distributors, but the cost of feeding its four-legged wards remains substantial.
Join G-Team and donate $10 to help PAWS feed homeless dogs and cats. If G-Team members raise $600, PAWS can purchase enough pet food to feed all of the dogs and cats in its care for one month. Each additional $150 raised will fund a week’s worth of food for PAWS' animals."
If you have $10 to spare, check out this link and help Groupon raise money for PAWS.

And because I hate picture-less posts, here's a random puppy picture of Darwin.


  1. Woo, Darwin! That's a GREAT puppy picture!
    We've got to check out this Groupon thing!

  2. that's a great groupon, and an amazingly cute pic of darwin. i'm not going to show mr. bunny-ears, because i want him to keep thinking that he has the cutest ears in the world.

  3. I love that picture of Darwin. Those floppy ears of hers made her look very cute!