09 May 2011

{09may2011: Road Trip part 2}

If you missed part 1 of the road trip you can take a look here.

After a quick R&R session at Boundary Bay for lunch we headed back south to the beach at Larrabee State Park so Darwin could run around a bit more.
It's not a very big stretch of beach, but we found some space we could let her off and chase a stick.
Though the sun was out the water was still ice cold and I was surprised Darwin was willing to get in the water as far as she did. She did spend time on the sand too, chewing her sticks.
She always makes me so nervous when she decides to play with sticks. She doesn't carry them perpendicular to her body, she likes to carry the end of it straight out in front of her. I'm always worried she's going to impale herself one day.
On our way out, we passed this little Pomeranian puppy who was very excited to see Darwin.
Then as Darwin passed by it snapped at Dar, and it's owner scooped it up really quickly. The whole time Darwin just kept walking by like nothing happened.
After that it was tulip time!
Because of the colder spring we've been having not all the tulip fields were in full bloom, but it was still beautiful nonetheless.
It was already getting late and we were tired from our hike, so rather than stop at another brewery for dinner, we headed back home so Darwin could get a bath.  :)


  1. Oh, woooooo! My mom LOVES your tulip shots!!!
    So what was up with the Pom snapping? We had house guests once who had two Yorkies with them. One was sitting on MY mom's lap and I walked over real calm-like to get a hug from my mom. Out of the BLUE, the Yorkie SNAPPED at me! At ME! In my own HOUSE!!! I just pinned my ears back and walked away. Mom gave the Yorkie back to her owner real fast and brought me a cookie and told me what a good boy I was. (And something about the Yorkie not being too bright...) Why do little dogs have to be like that??! I hope you got a cookie and lots of "good girl"s!!!

  2. I do the same thing with sticks, I carry the sticks just like you do and my humans do get nervous all the time too. They say it looks like I have a long teeth, PLUS I keep loosing it all the time so they tell me to just hold it in the middle !! But I won't. I love carrying it that way. heehee crazy

  3. Look at those tulips! How beautiful!
    What is it with dogs and sticks? Sherman and Leroy are the same way!

  4. What a beach! That place looks like super fun. Those tulips are beautiful! Sure looked like you had a super fun filled day!

  5. omg. the tulips are gorgeous!!!! i want to go there one day!

    darwin looks like she had a lot of fun!

  6. Oh those Tulips are fabulous!

    woof - Tucker

  7. Great photos!!!!!!

    Your trip looks like you had a blast!

  8. So cool! I always wanted to see tulips like that, but I thought we had to travel to Europe. Maybe this will be on the agenda for next year..

  9. EvFURRYtime Mom sees pikhs of those tulips she tries to imagine how pawesome it must be to see them in the fur and flesh!

    Thanks fur sharing your road trip!


  10. What a great road trip! The tulips were stunning :)

    Hehe it's quite funny because we also carry sticks just like you, we saw above that Lincoln also does it...must be a Dane thing ;)

    The water also looks so refreshing - paws up for going in Darwin

    Lick and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  11. Wow, never saw tulip fields...
    They are truly amazing...
    Love the lake you have been to, Lucille says she would have like to be there with Darwin!
    Ciao Lucille & Nicoletta
    PS: I confirm that I also carry the stick like you do... it must really be a dane thing...

  12. Oh my God - those TULIPS!!!!!! Incredible - they almost don't look real!

    Hee! Hee! I have the same worries with Honey and sticks - she loves finding them and chewing on them - no toy can ever be as good - but she also carries them at the ends, straight into her mouth - worse, she liks to prop the other end between her paws so she can chew on it - but it's sticking up right into her throat!! I'm constantly hearing the voices of all these vets telling me not to ever let dogs play with sticks and how dangerous they are and how many injuries they see a year from them...but I have to admit, I find it really hard to stop Honey when she looks so happy - I feel like the biggest meanie in the world to take the stick away from her!! :-(


  13. Silly girl carrying a stick that way! It's like a child with scissors! I'd have an anxiety attack watching that. Love the tulips though