28 December 2010

{27dec2010: ATB}

Our neighborhood pet store, All the Best (ATB) Pet Care, gave out Christmas goody bags.  We walked up there the other weekend to pick up Darwin's.
I tried to get her to take a picture by herself in front of the inflatable Santa and snowman, but it was drizzling and she wanted to get home and to her dry comfy couch.

So we quickly ended our photoshoot and speed walked home so we could see what goodies she got.  

I was surprised at how generous they were!  I thought we'd get a small cookie and maybe a ball, but there were a lot of good things in the bag.

Toys, raw food sample, canned food, treats, poop bags!

Us being the genius (and somewhat cheap) parents that we are, gave her a few of the treats, then wrapped up the toys and giant bone cookie and put them in Darwin's Christmas stocking.  hehehe.  Thanks All the Best!
What kind of goodies did you all get for Christmas?


  1. Woohoo Darwin...you definitely got lots of goodies in that bag! ;)


  2. I think she just wanted to check out everything in that bag. Nice haul!

  3. Wow! That's worth a trip to Seattle! Maybe I'll keep an eye out for that next year.

  4. Wow.. that was a christmas goodie bag!

    We got a huge box of Bonios and lots of other treats. But they are rationed! Can you believe it?

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  5. I got NOTHING from stingy evil witch. Thank goodness I got pressies from my doggie pals. That goodie bag looks like it had tons of great stuff in it. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


  6. Great goodie bag. Great idea of Mum and Dad to wrap some for presents. ha ha. Take care Darwin, no worries, love Carol

  7. I also got NOTHING from my mom -

    Thank dog fur The Doggy Nanny - she khame through fur me!

    That is khwite the bag-o-stuff!


  8. Hey, Darwin! We're back from Christmas and trying to catch up. Boy, your pet store is generous! Mama bought kibble at our natural food pet store just before we left for Christmas, and we didn't even get a "Merry Christmas" from them! We're glad you had such a nice Christmas. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Jed & Abby

  9. Nope, no goodies for me for Xmas from my shop :(
    I think I will move to Seattle, is there a flat near yours that I can move to?