14 December 2010

{13dec2010: Twin Falls Hike}

Right before Thanksgiving Jason and I spent a week in Hawaii (again) for another friends wedding.  It was beautiful and the weather was in the 80s.  While we were gone we missed a major snow storm in Seattle so we got on the plane in 80 degree temperatures and landed in 40 degree weather.  I was kind of bummed we missed the snow with Darwin (she was with her brother Boo).  To make up for it we planned a hike to Twin Falls with Robin, Bb and Friday.  Lucky us, we were high enough in elevation that there was a ton of snow all over the mountain.  It was one workout of a hike, but so beautiful!

The dogs were so excited to get off leash and do zoomies in the snow.

Right at the beginning of the hike, Darwin managed to break one of her unruly long nails (I know, we need to keep them trimmed, but she really hates it) and so all along the trail, the pretty white snow was dotted with red.  A couple we passed on the way back down commented that she noticed the size of the paw print and saw the blood and thought she was going to see a cougar carrying away its prey.  If you click on this next picture you can see some red splatters around the snow. 

On the way back to the car we stopped at the stream we passed on the way in to get a better view and to let the dogs run through the water. Bb found a stick and Friday swam through the freezing water to get it, and was harassed by Darwin on the way back.

When Friday was back on land Darwin had to steal the stick and start a game of tug.

It was a great hike and so pretty in the snow.  We're hoping to go back out when there's no snow to compare!


  1. We did that hike back in September. No snow, but a zillion people. Looks much nicer when you went.

  2. What a great hike! Sorry about her nail! How cool you got to vacay over in hawaii for a week and got away from the cold

  3. Playing in the snow looks so fun when you're out doing it. Maybe if we had that nice scenery it would be more fun. Great photos!

  4. off leash hikes are the best. I hope Darwin's nail is ok.

    woof - Tucker

  5. What a great day - save fur the nail of khourse -

    I understand how the blood looks SO impressive! When I was in MN, I tore my dew khlaw shortly after we arrived - it healed fine but when we went running at the inkhredible park, I re-opened it so it looked like I'd brought down my own dinner!

    Thanks for sharing these great pikhs!


  6. Corr...that looks like a brillo paws hike to us!

    Hope Darwin's nail is all mended now.

    Our white stuffie has sadly left us after 2 full weeks..but the news says the angels are due to have some more pillow fights very soon.

    Take Care
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  7. Yeah, I know about those nails. I have to take Mango to the vet. One person feeds him food (usually me since he can get a bit overly enthusiastic), one person kind of holds him, and a hapless tech does the deed. Since we always ask for the same tech, he is familiar with the routine by now and manages pretty well. It is worth every penny of the $15 they charge.

    Mango Momma

  8. What a great hike! I love looking at all the snow photos everyone has and sighing with envy. Your dogs are so beautiful.

    I hope Darwin's poor little toe has healed!

  9. that looks like a lot of fun, and the area is so pretty! poor darwin though...at least it didn't look like it bothered her that much!

  10. Ha! Ha! That story about the cougar is funny!

    THose pictures are gorgeous! I always love your hike posts and the beautiful pictures you take of Darwin - but it's so nice to see the "winter wonderland" version! :-) As a keen hiker, I am SOOOOOO jealous of you! Wish we had places like that around us to take Honey but bloody Australia - all national parks, etc ban dogs!! At least in NZ, you were allowed to take them to some as long as they stay on leash...