21 October 2009

{20oct2009: brain game}

I decided last night to entertain Darwin with a brain game that Honey showed off a few days ago.  We didn't have enough tennis balls so I made due with what ever toys we had that would fit in the cupcake pan.
Round one I filled as many cups as I had toys with Darwin's favorite treat, Merrick Lamb Training Treats.   It took about 4.5 minutes for her to get all of them.  Round two I filled half the cups with treats, and she was much quicker at 2 minutes.  Round three I filled up 3 cups with treats, and she found them all in a little over a minute.
Come to round four.  I filled up some cups with kibble, some with cookies, and some with lamb.

I covered them up with the toys:

And then let her go at it. 
She was so funny.  She would not eat the kibble at all.  In fact at one point she spit out the kibble that went in her mouth.  She only at the "treats".  


  1. So giggling... go Darwin!

    funny you know at the Vets they tried giving Shiloh treats and she wouldnt eat them even when calm so they gave her a cat treat... mmmm she wolfed that down...

  2. Oooh! Cat treats are the BEST!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the game, Darwin - it looks much more interesting the way your human made it, with lots of different toys, rather than just tennis balls!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Awesome! For awhile I thought the tennis balls were too small for my muffin pan so I used some bigger toys and including his big squeaky tennis balls and cuz etc but it actually made it easier cause he went through with his nose and bumped them all out of the way since he did not have to pick them up! It was funny!
    I used Merrick lamb 'treats' too! I actually get the filets but break them up into small pieces but think they are the same thing. Moose looooves them! Only thing better is actual meat! Of course he will woof down his kibble too so he is really not picky!
    nicely done!
    p.s. I saw your ear boo boo poor thing! looks like it is healing well though!

  4. Actually, Dana, you're right, the bigger toys were easier for her. The small pink fish tennis ball toy, the first round it took her a good 30sec to a minute to realize she had to pick up the ball to get to the treat. And even then as she had the ball in her mouth she was trying to get to the treat... PUT THE BALL DOWN DUMMY! hahahaha. such a goof

  5. Hey,
    I gave you and Darwin an award for your blog. I think you can just go to my blog and get it. Thanks for all the cool game ideas and info on parks and such!

  6. What is it with the people always wanting to do the intellectuals stimulations? My momma tried that game with me and it just made me MAD!

    Oh yeah, you are super lucky to have actual tennis balls. I am only allowed to have them when momma is watching me.