16 February 2010

{15feb2010: weekend review part 2}

After Friday night's activities, Darwin was pretty slow to start the day Saturday, but Jason did get her up and convinced her to go for a walk with him to pick up flowers for me (aww), coffee for him, and donuts for the two of us.  She was so well behaved picking up flowers they guy working at the flower stand gave her a treat!
All that walking wore her out and she rested on the couch all morning til I dragged her out and into the car.  We drove and drove and when I let her out of the car she could smell something was up.  Soon we came to an area and guess who was there.... Remi and his sister Nala!!!  
Last weekend at Darwin's birthday party, Remi came to celebrate, but with all the chaos that was the reunion, they hardly got to play.  Nala's family was driving over from their house over on the East side and we were able to schedule a playdate/meet blog buddy session!
Here are some pictures from the event:

 There was something under this bush that all three dogs couldn't get enough of.  Took a while before they stopped sniffing to go and run!

{Remi looks like a bunny in this picture!}
Darwin had a great time chasing Remi around til she slipped on the wet grass and ended up doing the splits and hurting her back leg.  After a while she shook it off and was right back in there with the other two.

On Sunday we did our usual routine of heading over to Marymoor for the Great Dane convention.  We ran into Darwin's buddy Winston who loves playing with the danes.

We also ran into the dane/lab mix we met before, I think his name is Clive.  Darwin had fun chasing him with his toy again.

He was really funny and would run and jump over the fence to get away from Darwin who was too scared to jump over after him.  Then he'd jump back over and let her chase him and then jump back over the fence.  

Very full weekend with lots of doggy friends!


  1. How fun is that?! We don't get to have those kinds of experiences where we live. So jealous... oh and Remi DOES look like a bunny in that picture. Too funny.

  2. What a busy weekend! I had SO much fun playing with you Darwin...can't wait to do it again. Also, glad your leg is fine...that slippery, wet grass can be dangerous. Between us, I'm a drama queen too. ;) Hope your Dad's eye heals soon...how sweet of the two of you to bring your Mom flowers and donuts on Saturday morning. :)


  3. I had a blast playing Saturday! Really glad you made the trip down...even though you tried to eat my head a couple times. Ha! I think the 3 of us are a good match for play energy level. We'll have to get together again soon!

  4. Darwin, I had so much fun virtually playing with you this past weekend. Remi the Rhodie bunny...BOL
    Too much fun

  5. WHat a busy weekend you had Darwin! But filled with fun by the looks of it! I'm always so jealous to see you playing with lots of friendly doggies!! I hardly ever come across doggies that will play with me :(


  6. That looks like sooooo much fun! :)

    I'm glad Darwin didn't get hurt, the splits sound painful!