09 February 2010

{08feb2010: danes danes and more danes}

For Darwin's birthday we (I) wanted to do something big.  Jason said it was like a Hawaii first birthday and not a mainland first birthday.*  I couldn't help it I was so excited!  I bugged Tom, Darwin's breeder, for contact info for people who bought one of the puppies so I could plan a reunion/birthday party.  I already knew Kristie, and she was on board from the beginning so it was just a matter of getting in touch with as many other parents as possible.  Out of 16 other siblings, I managed to contact 10 owners (11 since Kristie now counts for two pups) and we've been able to start an email group with about 8 of them.  
We planned the birthday/reunion for their birthday, February 7.  I baked a doggie cake** and some cookies for Darwin's non-sibling friends that were coming.  
One of Darwin's brothers, Arthur, mom made blue and pink ribbon name tags for each of the siblings and parents.  
We met up around 10 at Marymoor and it was so fun to see how big some of the puppies had gotten.
{Darwin and Porkchop hit it off from the start}
Darwin's blog buddy Remi even came out for the party!  It was great to finally meet him!
{one of these things just doesn't belong here, one of these things just isn't the same}
Before we headed into the off-leash area we had some cake first.  Boo LOVED the cake.
Actually, Remi did too.  

I think he actually tried to take two pieces if I remember correctly!  hehehe
After cake eating we headed into the park to play.  
Darwin's bff Juneau even made it out.  I think Remi had a crush on Juneau, cause he kept chasing after her where ever she went!  
In all the chaos of all the dogs Darwin didn't actually get much play time with Remi so we'll have to plan on another playdate for the two of them.
With so many males, many of them unfixed, there was a lot of testosterone and "almost fights" between the boys.  Other than that the reunion was a hit!
We managed to get a picture of the most of the family together before everyone took off.
{Butch, Arthur, Porkchop, mom Misty, dad Atlas, Sydney, Bella, and Darwin (missing:  Boo Radley and Kona)}
After the park Darwin was filthy!  We got her home and gave her a birthday bath and then she got some treats.

Inspired by a post from Max's mom we even got a family picture.
After a full day Darwin was pooped!  Check out the new collar she got from her brothers Boo and Kona:
I'm hoping with this pretty pink blinged out collar people will stop thinking she's a boy and will realize she's a girl!  
I think Darwin had a great first birthday!  Thanks to everyone who sent her a birthday wish! 

If you want to see more pictures, I've got some on my flickr page.
We also managed to get some videos:
here's 1
here's 2
here's 3
here's 4

*First birthday celebrations in Hawaii are BIG events.  Jason couldn't understand when I went home for my nephew's party, until he saw pictures of a big rented rec center, balloon artists, a magician, temporary tattoo artists, food, drinks and tons of people. 
** Recipe to come in another post.


  1. Happy Birthday. And we give Remi major credit for hanging in there with that many Danes.

  2. WOW, that cake is amazing! Darwin, your Mom sure knows how to spoil a girl. My Mom may need to swipe that recipe for my big day that's copming up in April...I will be 4. It was so neat to see you and your siblings all together...how fun! And Remi...he definitely looked out of place...next time I will have to come so he doesn't feel so alone. Mom says I may be able to play this weekend as long as I don't get too rowdy so if you are around on Saturday maybe we could meet up. :) Well, i loved the family photo and now I am off to check out more pictures from your special day. :)


  3. Oh wow, after seeing the videos and your Flickr pictures, I could really see how cute those name tags were....how sweet! What a cute idea. I am more impressed that you didn't try to rip it off. ;)


  4. That is pretty amazing you were able to get that many of them together. Looks like a fun time and delicious cake!

  5. I was so lucky! I got to see some more photos Remi posted. How fun. Thank you for remembering the photos! You got quite the extended family there, Darwin. You one lucky girl. :)
    As for the family photo, you guys are the bomb. You look like one happy family and I know that's what Max had in mind ;) Way to go furiends and friends!

  6. Thanks fur sharing more pikhs...inkhluding Remi's sweetie!


  7. Oh my goodness look at all the goggies! I'd love to be a part of a big Dane get together like that - that's a great memory for you guys to have.

  8. What fun Darwin, Happy 1st Birthday!

    I can't believe you have that many siblings, 16! Holy Crap - I only had 6 siblings cause harlequin litters are always much smaller.

    woof - Tucker

  9. Happy 1st Birthday Darwin!!

    It looks like you had an awesome time - I can't believe how many doggies there were there! I'm still amazed how many danes you come across at the park! (Where the fawn ones part of your party group). I'm lucky if I come across one every month in a dog park!

    I must say though you have inspired me to get in contact with my siblings!


  10. Wow...now that's alot of dane siblings all in one place...how exciting that you were all able to get together for your first birthday. Happy Birthday and cute birthday cake!

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  11. Remi had a blast at the par-tay! We left after an hour because he was tuckered out. Snored all the way home. Can't wait for the cake recipe. Obviously, he loved it. I think Remi and Nala are planning on meeting up either at French Lake dog park or Grandview in Kent on Saturday, if you're in the area...