02 February 2010

{01feb2010: weekend review}

Fun weekend for Darwin.  We spent Saturday going for a walk around one of the neighborhoods near us, Ballard.  They have streets of cute boutiques and great restaurants.  Darwin has been better at walking on the leash when we've gone walking around our neighborhood, so we decided to forgo the pinch collar thinking she'd be well behaved.  As soon as we parked and started walking we realized we needed the collar.  There were so many new smells and things to see she was soo excited and pulling us everywhere!  Luckily I had a baggie of treats with me and was able to somewhat keep her under control by practicing heeling and waiting.  
We walked down to the vet to get her weighed, cause we haven't been in a few months.  The last weight they had recorded was 58.7lbs back in the summer.  As of Saturday (1 week shy of 1 year old) she's up to 111.2lbs!  
After the vet we did a bit more walking and stopped to take this picture for my 2 year old nephew:
It's Darwin and a digger... When we were back home in Hawaii at New Years, he made me read his digger book to him over and over.  He loves big trucks and motorcycles!

We made our way back towards the car and stopped at Bark, a pet store, to pick up some treats.  As I was shopping, our little (big) thief Darwin managed to sneak a treat out of a low lying container.  That rascal.  We did pick her up one of these:
I grabbed a non-hairy one.  
And she got to snack on it while we picked up lunch at a great sandwich shop, Other Coast Cafe.

Sunday was another day at Marymoor, and there were a lot of danes there!  I didn't get many pictures, but Darwin had a great time with a new blue friend Minnie.  On our way out we ran into a 1.5 year old dane lab mix who Darwin had a great time playing chase and tug with.
Another fun weekend, and the countdown to Darwin's first birthday begins!  6 more days!


  1. Darwin, you enormous rascal! You've almost doubled your weight since this summer? And you're not even one year old yet (officially not for six days). Can't wait for your actual birthday!
    Do you know how long it takes me to eat a non-hairy pig ear? Over a week. I'm economical that way (forget my superb and recurring vet bills for a moment)

  2. oooh sharing toys are great :D
    hmmmmmm that treat looks goood

    El'bow & Hauwii

  3. Hi Darwin,

    You are getting big, great pictures of you checking out the neighborhood. Who won the tug of the toys?

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  4. OMG!!! Minnie looks sooooo much like Moose! The top of her head looks a little different in those pics but the proportions of her face and the way she is holding her ears while she is tugging (exactly like Moose!) are amazingly similar! If you see her again and can take pics of her whole self I would love to see them. Is she 'pure' dane (like Moose is 'pure' lab ha ha!)? Looks like a delightful weekend. We are so jealous of your Dane meetups- I looked for lab meetups in my area but found none. I think I will look for dane meetups and see if Moose can pass for Dane ;-)

  5. Woof, hey Darwin, I think we could be great mates! You seem to have so much fun...Major x

  6. Hi Darwin,
    Im almost two, my birthday is in March.
    I hope Mum will find me another dane to play with one day soon x Maj

  7. What a great weekend! Ballard is fun....I have never been though, only my pawrents. :) Wow, are you SO excited for your birthday?? Do you get cake and stuff? Oooh, I can't wait for mine.