13 April 2010

{12apr2010: partial weekend review}

It felt like spring again in Seattle this weekend!  Sun was out and the temperatures were warmer than they had been all week.
We have a painting we bought in Cambodia through this great organization the Cambodian Children's Painting Project.  Here's a picture of the painting we bought as it was being created:
So this weekend we finally decided to go see about framing it.  We walked down to a frame shop near our house with Darwin.
The guy working at the shop said we could bring Darwin in if we wanted to, but she's just a little too hyper and her tails just a little too out of control to trust her not knocking everything over.  So she stayed outside... not happy at all.
Little did she know what we had planned for Sunday! 

It turned out framing our cheap little painting would've cost 25 times more than what we paid for the painting (who knew framing was so expensive!) so we passed on it and are looking into cheaper framing options.


  1. ?!?!? What was planned for Sunday?!?! Something fun, I hope!!!
    Davy and Zim have been in stores but I get too stressed. I did go into a museum when I was a little puppy and that was fun!
    Darwin, I hope you got to do something that made you smile!

  2. Oh yes - framing can be so expensive!! But nowadays, you can get really nice DIY frames (or even just those glass type covers to put over the painting, with clips at the side - no actual frame around - do you know the type I mean? Anyway, I don't know about in the States but over here, they sell DIY frames in lots of stores, from furniture places like IKEA to 'general' stores (like Kmart) to electronic & digital camera stores. Good luck!

    Thank so much for the info about ramps - that's so sweet of you! I will check them out. We've spent so much money on Honey recently, what with the crate & rug & all her other stuff that I think we'll have to wait a bit to spend any other big money on her - but it's always good to have done the research first so thanks again! :-)


  3. Darwin didn't mind being outside. She was seeing which credit cards the store took :)

  4. I would want to be inside so I khould see what my fluffy tail khould help khlean!

    I khan't wait to see about Sunday!


  5. I love the sad look into the shop. Is framing really that exciting for dogs?

  6. What did woo do Sunday? TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia