13 April 2010

{13apr2010: Road Trip Part 1}

April is tulip month in Washington state and I'm a huge tulip lover.  Every April there is the Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival about an hour's drive north of Seattle.  I've been wanting to go since March, but the weather hasn't been very cooperative.  This weekend however it was beautiful and sunny and Jason and I started planning our big road trip.  Originally we were just going to see the tulips, but then Jason found a whole itinerary for tulips and BEER on the Washington Beer Blog and so our weekend was set.  We thought about doing the two day itinerary that was suggested on the blog, but after looking at hotels that would allow a Great Dane and factoring costs and such we decided to make it a one day road trip.
We got up early Sunday morning (ok, it was only around 730am, but hey, weekends were meant for sleeping in!) gave Darwin her morning meds, loaded up the car and headed north.  Our first stop was in a cute little town, Edison where we were planning to grab breakfast at Breadfarm and were disappointed to see that they weren't open yet.  Just down the block though we drove by another bakery, Farm to Market Bakery and stopped there.  
We let Darwin out for a potty break and gave her some water and food.
And let her sniff around a bit.
Here's one for Ammy, though Darwin definitely doesn't have as beaming of a smile as you do!
There were some ducks in the stream below that Darwin had to check out.  Here's her best Pointer dog impression:
After Darwin got to do a bit of exploring we tied her up outside and went in to get our breakfast. 
After having a delicious breakfast we were ready to head out.  As we were driving out of Edison we saw that Breadfarm was open and decided to pop in to check it out.  Their bread looks so good, but we didn't get any, but I did pick up some cookies for Darwin which she gave 2 paws up.
Part 2 of our Sunday road trip to come!


  1. Oh, this is exciting!!! Beer, tulips and dog treats! Something for everyone!!!
    I love Darwin's smile! It's sort of like that Mona Lisa lady's smile! And look at how famous she is for it!!!

  2. So fun! I love getting out of the city and doing things like this...especially when the pooches are involved. I can't wait to see your part II; I think tulips are the prettiest flowers, it must have been amazing.

  3. Oooooh...I love road trips!

    Those tulips are beauuuuutiful! Mom for sure woulda stuck me in the middle of em and pointed the flashy camera box at me.

    Those dog cookies look yummy too!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  4. Mom barely got past the furst pikh of the tulips!


  5. When I was younger and lived in Seattle, my family used to go to the tulip festival every year. It's so gorgeous out there, and it sounds like you guys had fun!

  6. Thanks for the reminder, we will have to head up to see the tulips soon!

  7. Can't wait to hear about the BEER!!!

  8. What a quaint little hangout! Tulips are awesome except for the ones I killed this month :-( They were so pretty though!

  9. What a great way to spend the weekend! I have always wanted to go to the tulip festival but haven't made it yet. The tulips and beer thing sounds fun. I loved Darwin's POinter impression. Nala says a HUGE thank you for the pawesome pressies!


  10. I knew you made a cake but wasn't sure if it was the same one. Yes, mine was very heavy too....a super dense cake for sure. :)


  11. What a great road trip! That first photo is incredible!

    And I LOVE your Pointer impression, Darwin!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. THose Tulips are stunning!!! :) It looks like you got to see some awesome places. YOu are very lucky!

    Leix and Jasper