17 April 2010

{17apr2010: Road Trip Part 4}

Read part 3 here.
We're now onto the part many of you were waiting for... the TULIPS!
We went to Roozengaarde since we went to Tulip Town a few years ago.  It was disappointing because both places don't allow pets so no pictures of Darwin frolicking in tulips... I wish!
This place was PACKED with people.  There was a line to get in and just swarms of people everywhere.  
I'm guessing it's because it was the first nice weekend we've had since the beginning of April and everyone decided THIS was the weekend to see the tulips.  Oi.  Lots of families and strollers and kids running amok.  Eeee.  But also lots of beautiful tulips!
There were even Alpacas!
It's amazing how one place could have so many different varieties of tulips.
Before we left Roozengaarde we let Darwin out for a potty break and spotted a horse behind a fence.  We thought they should meet since Darwin is always called a horse when we're out.
After barking at it a few times, Mr. Horse decided to get a closer look at who was making such a racket.

Other people started to walk up to see the horse so it was time to leave.  Plus I was getting hungry and we had one more stop to make!
Yep, one more brewery.
After we stuffed ourselves silly it was time to head home.  A great 12 hour road trip with a little bit of everything for everyone!

Here's our itinerary if anyone is interested in doing our trip!

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  1. Our mom was "oohing" and "aahing" over the tulips (and truth be told, the pasta and pizza...) but me!??! Oh, I just LOVE your VOICE, Darwin!!! It's so rich and deep!!!! I've seen horses, but I've never spoken to one. I just stare. I think it's cool that you talked to him - and I think he answered back a bit!
    Thanks for taking us with you on your road trip!

  2. I would love to do your trip. If you could send a plane ticket, rental car and spending money, I'll re-create your trip and put it all over the blog! :)

    Loved Darwin and the horse. She's probably wondering why the horse won't play with her!

  3. the tulips are so pretty! my favorite flower!
    funny the horse didn't even seem to care. hahaha.

  4. The tulips are MAGNIFICENT!!! WOW!!!
    YOur trip sounds awesome!

  5. I khouldn't believe there were THAT many tulips!


    The Horse sooooo looked non-plus by meeting a celebrity such as yourself!

    Mom says thanks furry much fur sharing more brews! She'll take it as her sign it is time to open a Yuengling!


  6. We love the tulips too. Next time you're North, check out Rhododendron Cafe in Bow - my parents love it!

  7. That tulip place looks so beautiful! But I have to agree...I didn't know to ooh & ahh over that or the food pictures! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. Guess what Darwin? Ok, don't guess, I will just tell you. I went to see the tulips this weekend! Funny, huh! My Dad surprised my Mom with the trip because she has wanted to go forever so she has been trying to guess where we were going for two weeks. At first, Mom and Dad left me in the car but then they saw other people with dogs and there were no signs they saw saying dogs weren't allowed, so they came back to the car and got me. Luckily, we didn't get in trouble. Did you guys see a sign saying no dogs allowed? Anyway, it was very fun and like you said all the different tulips were so neat! We didn't get to do the brewery tour though...that would have been fun! We did attempt to go to the Skagit Valley Brewery, but it was so packed and we would have had to turn around and wait in traffic for like an hour just to get to it.

    That video of you barking at the horse sure was funny....you were definitely letting that horse know who was boss! ;) Glad you had so much fun with your family!


  9. Tulips are my absolute favorite. I dream of going on a trip like this! But for now, we will just relive it through you...