15 April 2010

{15apr2010: Road Trip Part 2}

Read  part 1 here.
After our stop in Edison we headed north to Larrabee State Park.
After a quick stop to take in the view of Samish Bay we got to the state park and took Darwin out for a hike.
After a long hike uphill we finally made it to Fragrance Lake!
Darwin drank her fill of water and then proceeded to pee in it... then poop in it.  OI.  She always does that.  If there's a puddle of water she has to pee in it.  hahaha.
After hanging out at the lake for a little while we headed back down to the car.... after all there were breweries and tulips to get to!
The park had these "gates" set up to keep bike/car/anything but foot traffic off the trails.  They were like mini mazes that Darwin could not stand.  We had to pass by two of these gates twice... here's a video of Darwin's forth pass.  

This was a lot quicker than her first gate.... We had to let other people go by while she whined and barked. 

Part 3 coming up soon! 


  1. Oh Darwin, I hope in Part 3 your don't stop in and visit Murphy. I'm sure that they won't Darwin poopies in the pool.

    woof - Tucker

  2. Oh, those gate things are tricky! There is something like that on a trail we used to frequent. We just went under it or over one of the logs, instead of doing the weaving thing. Mom thought it was great especially if our leashes were all braided together and we took different "paths". For some reason, we don't go that way much any more...

  3. This trip keeps getting better and better! I was waiting for the tulip part, but the state park looks so fun. Living out here we definitely miss the nature aspect. I think we'll be planning some trips once school is finished for the year.

  4. What a pretty hike! Mom loves your panoramic photos!!

    Darwin, I think you're all kinds of brave to go through those twisty fence areas. What silly humans thought those up?

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  5. I get freaked out by silly things like those gates too...and then my humans laugh at me for being such a wuss! I think it's a Dane thing! :-)

    Great panorama in the first shot!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Great job!

    I bet some Mastiffs we know might still be meditating on them!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  7. Those kind of gates are scary Darwin....don't feel bad! I understand and have done the same thing. :) Glad you got to go on a fun hike!


  8. THose some really great photo's! :D

    Your lucky your humans show you how to get around things like that. Our humans keep walking and make us figure it out for ourselves(something about making our brains think more and learning to problem solve?!)

    - we've been taught from am 8wks old pups that if you we don't keep up and stick with the pack we get left behind!! So even if you get a little nervous keeping up is our main priority!

    We think darwin was very good at getting past that gate in the video especially since she was very unsure of them!! :D Well done Darwin, your hike look fantastic :)

    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  9. Darwin! I understand completely. That fence weave scary trap thing looked really bad. I am glad you got through it OK.