16 April 2010

{16apr2010: Road Trip Part 3}

That hike was the perfect stop for Darwin so she could rest up in the car while we tried out some beer!  We drove a little more north to Bellingham.
First stop, Chuckanut Brewery.
I don't think I've had beer from Chuckanut brewery before, but they were all pretty good and their French onion soup they had was AMAZING.  
{you just disturbed my nap...}
Next stop, just a few blocks away, Boundary Bay Brewery.
If you like beers, you should definitely check out Boundary Bay.  They make one of Jason's favorite IPA's and if I were a stout lover, their oatmeal stout was pretty good too.  Actually all the ones on the sampler were good.  And their food... mmmmmmm.
{now where are we going?!}
After all that food and beer* it was time to make another stop for Darwin to stretch her legs.  We drove back down south to Larrabee State Park, only this time instead of climbing up the mountain we went down towards the beach.
We did a little hike along the beach edge too.
There was a couple sitting a few feet over from Jason, playing a guitar and singing.... Darwin was so scared of them, she didn't want to sit or walk past them.  We finally convinced her they were okay, and walked her by them a couple times before we headed back to the car.
As were going back a couple little kids came up and wanted to pet Darwin.  She hasn't really been around kids that often, but she did a really good job of standing there letting them pet her as much as they wanted.  I was so proud (now we just have to work on her fear of old people).

It was almost 4pm so we decided to load back into the car to keep going to our next stop.  
Stay tuned for part 4!

*I was the dd so I had sips to taste and water while Jason did the "serious" drinking.


  1. Sounds like my kinda day (not the DD part though... Jason's part ;-)!
    Great pics as always I love the last one with Jason behind her. Very cute- it makes her look like the big dog that she is!

  2. What a great road trip! :) Looks like you all had a great time!!!


  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. Keep working on the kids and the old people. Darwin will get used to them eventually. Jason has the cutest smile, I'm sure the beers helped...BOL!!!!

    Much Love,
    Josie and Mr. Blues, Jr.

  4. I agree with Mochi - what a great road trip!
    Mom was drooling over that onion soup - and mmm... is that a French Dip sammich? Cold I have just a little taste? I'm a beef-eatin' kinda guy!
    I love kids and old people. All four of us do. It's kind of part of being a Siberian. Woo.
    PS: Ammy said to say "Hi" to her special pal!!!

  5. Wow, those were a lot of beers! I can understand how a guitar would be scary...we used to live near the "Old Town School of Folk" so there were always random fiddles and banjo people playing in the park. Miss M. isn't scared of much, but she was so terrified...I think our dogs think they're animals.

  6. That sounds like such a fun trip...and you crammed it all into one day. Amazing. Definitely picked the right day for it! Boundry Bay IPA is one of mom's favorites. Have you been to the Jolly Roger Taproom (Maritime Pacific Brewing co) or Hale's Ales in Ballard? They also have very tasty IPA's and good food. The Mongoose IPA is mom's fav! Glad to see your medications aren't gettin' ya down. Enjoy the sun this weekend!!

  7. Hee! Hee! Darwin - I also rest my head on the back seat like that too - although I'm not dainty like you - I get slobber all over it!

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. My mom is drooling ovFUR the food AND the adult beverages!


    It looks like khwite a pawesome day!