25 September 2009

{19 days old}

Solid food attempt!  
{darwin digging in}

This was sooo entertaining. We mixed up some canned food with the formula and let them go at it.  Madness.  

We went thru a lot of puppy wipes after this... for the pups and the carpet!
Then it was play time!

After this is was time to rest... and Darwin took her spot on my desk... such a poser.


  1. I don't know how you ever gave any of them up! They just couldn't be any cuter.

    Hoover BPD (Battery Powered Dog)

  2. BOL that is hilarious! Was it followed by a first bath? Darwin seems to be a natural when it comes to eating. Very focused! That last pic is precious!

  3. Hold on till I stop laughing... that was such a gorgeous post