25 September 2009

{3 weeks old}

{breakfast time for splotch and darwin}

By now the puppies were 3 weeks old, and able to eat mostly the canned food mush, which was a lot less work than the every 2 hour bottle feedings.  It was the day we were going to return the puppies and be done fostering.  
We cleaned up Splotch and Darwin and took them over to Tom's where there was a puppy party planned... really an excuse to get together and see Misty and all her babies.
We were both so attached to these puppies after taking care of them for 2.5 weeks and knowing we were leaving them we knew it was going to be a rough day.  While we were there, there were thoughts of: what if Darwin goes to a family who doesnt take care of her as well as we would?  arent we going to be so sad that we didnt keep her?  when would we get a chance to raise a puppy from such a young age again?  do we really want to give her up?
I mean look at this face!  can we say no to that?!

There were even discussions of, if we don't keep Darwin, i could possibly get a kitten!  And I've been  trying to get J to get a kitten for a while. 
We decided instead of basing our decision on her cuteness, we'd do some research about great danes over the weekend, figure out if this was really something we could do, if J would want a dog in his condo and make our decision by Monday.   


  1. OMD that face! Momma is beautiful too ;-) Very funny to decide between a cat and a great dane since they are practically opposite in every way. I admire your levelheadedness in the face of puppy cuteness! I wish everyone took time to make the decision and researched the breed as you did!
    Dana + Moose
    p.s. I love your new header! very nice!

  2. Awe... a decision on cuteness... a cat comparrison...lol, i was actually after a dalmation before I got Chelsea (I have 2 Danes) and like you... boy did I research...

    the stomach torsion and short life span nearly put me off, but talking to a vet (who was a Dane fan) convinced me that 8-10yrs with a Dane is worth more than diamonds

    and Ive never looked back