29 September 2009

{28sept2009: Darwin & Riley}

Some days/afternoons after work, Darwin is totally calm... relaxed... lazy even.  Some days she's a tazmanian devil hyped up little (ok not so little) puppy.  Last night was one of those days.  Every five minutes she'd go to the door wanting to go out, so after a while I was like, fine, we'll go out for a walk.  Of course, 5 minutes into the walk she wants to turn back and go back home... and I tell her, no, you wanted out so we're going for a walk.  We finally make it up to a park a few blocks away from the house and happen to find a frisbee there.  She's at first very excited about it, and I throw it for her and she runs to get it.  She then hears a noise and it scares her and she can't even think about the frisbee anymore.  So we head back home, and because she's so freaked out, she is practically dragging me the whole way back.  So as we were taught in puppy kindergarten, when she pulls I stop and make her wait.  Of course that doesn't really do much cause as soon as I start walking again she's pulling again.  It was a 15 minute walk, that lasted 30 minutes.  Needless to say that 30 minute time out of the house did nothing for her, and by then it started raing (which she hates), so we arrange a garage playdate with her bff in the building, a one year old black lab, Riley.
Riley, being the hyper lab that she is, and Darwin, being the crazy puppy that she is, have a great time together... chasing eachother and wrestling.  

They crack us up when they get together.  Darwin is just tall enough, that Riley will usually crawl under Darwin and play from under her.  Darwin is easily distracted though, and even a leaf blowing through the garage can get her attention and becomes the object of keep away for them.
Seeing as it'll start raining more often soon, there will probably many more of these garage playdates.

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  1. She is such a pretty girl! We have a lot of 20 minute walks that take an hour so know what you mean. This Loose leash walking thing is hard for my Moose too so we use a gentle leader. We need to do what you are doing but have not been patient enough to do that. Another thing that I have heard will work is if you turn around and walk in the other direction. I am no expert though and know you are pals with Honey who knows a lot more about the topic (not that you asked!).
    Anyway, nice that she has a friend and a safe place to play nearby!
    Moose + Dana