28 September 2009

{25 days old}

After making some calls and shuffling puppies, Tom came in on Wednesday with "our puppy".  It was official.  We were great dane owners!  Eeek!
Of course to keep on our rational thinking mode, we came up with a pre-"pup"tual agreement, that if anything happened between Jason and I, Darwin would be my dog.  Just as a just in case, cause we'd hate to be one of those people who adopt/buy a dog and give it up just because things changed.
So Darwin came home with us, her first time alone with no sisters to keep her company... 

1 comment:

  1. Yay She's home! Smart about the agreement. My brother just went through a breakup where this was up for debate (more because they both wanted the dogs rather than neither wanting them, but difficult still!)