29 September 2009

{26 days old}

Officially day two of puppy parenthood.

And this being the day after we say yes, ok we want to keep her, of course something happens to her where we need to rush her to the vet.  
She seemed fine in the morning, a little lethargic and not super playful, but otherwise fine.  Then I would notice her dry heaving and throwing up bile looking stuff, then shaking her head like she was trying to shake something out.  It was scary.  Then she'd be fine and doing her thing, and again she'd do it, throwing up bile and shaking her head... almost like a seizure in her head or something.  Me being the new puppy parent (of 2 days) was like, do I call the vet or will this pass?! What do I do?! So I google a vet who is close to our office, and they had an opening, so we rush out of the office and take her in.  As we're waiting in the exam room for the vet to come in, we have her on the floor wandering around, and she decides to poop on the floor.  Great.  So we try to clean it up quickly before the vet comes in and sees the mess she made.  Turns out they want a fecal sample (why, it's as fresh as can be) and take some xrays.  After a short wait, they tell us she has worms, and send us home with medicine.  
They also inject her with rehydration fluid to prevent her from getting dehydrated.  She looked like a little camel.

Ok, maybe a camel is exagerrating it a bit, but look at her little hump! 

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  1. Hi Miss Darwin. We think you're pretty darn cute as a puppy. Looking forward to hearing more about your Adventures!