30 September 2009

{31 days old}

We started paper training Darwin early.  When she was at the office with no siblings, we'd block off part of her crate (that we were borrowing from our boss) and she was actually pretty good about not using the bathroom in the crate.

Some days our friend Robin would bring her dog, Friday, in.  We were hoping Friday's maternal instincts would kick in, and she'd cuddle up with Darwin.
Not so much...  this was one of their first meetings.  Friday was backing up so fast as Darwin got near her.  Instead of the "aww little puppy, come curl up with me" it was a "get me the heck out of here!".

We'd take her home, feed her... and then it would be play time... we'd limit her though to only the tile floor, to avoid any accidents on the carpet.

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