27 September 2009

{26sept2009: Luther Burbank Park}

There aren't many dog parks near us... all require at least a 20 minute drive... so we always seem to go to the same ones.  Today we decided to take Darwin to a new park, so we made the drive over to Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island.  
We parked up from the park at the community center where there was a big lawn of grass.  I was trying to get Darwin to do a sit so I could get a good picture of her with Lake Washington in the background, but she decided she'd rather lay in the grass... but she also wanted to sniff so she scooted herself along laying and sniffing and scooting.  It was so funny.

It's a pretty small park, but it has a sandy area for running around and easy access points to the water.  Darwin is in no way a swimmer... we've tried, and she'll do a quick dog paddle and then turn back to where she can reach bottom... but she likes walking and splashing through the water and will even fetch tennis balls from the water and shes not a fetcher either.
She does this funny thing where she'll push the ball under water and stick her face in to get it.  It cracks me up every time.

It was a beautiful day to be at a park on the water and we'll definitely be going back there again.


  1. Darwin,

    You gotta be cutest big dog we know! What a beauty you are! And we used (well our pawrents) used to live in Kirkland, so we know Lake Washington (well, our parents do). We love water and you will too. You just need an Oregon beach experience - roll in a seagull or two and you'll be enamored with water too.

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper Edwards

  2. Your Darwin looks just like my Shiloh... great to see another Dane on the web...Havnt had a read yet just wanted to say a quick hello... if its ok, ill let others know your here...:)

    I had a bit of a break from the net but we are back! You can find us here


  3. Lol, Im back and have just read all your posts (inspirational)

    Love the bottom photo...

    Like you we have few dog parks, they seem to be an American thing.. but if you find a good one ..yahooo Theres lots of articles on dog park etiquite (and how to keep Darwin safe there) and I found a few youtube videos on the topic...

    Funny Ive only read a few posts on Danes that actually like to swim, lots of paddlers and skimmers out there though... Chelsea loves the ocean but I havnt had her at a lake or river...

    Loved the top pics of pouncing inthe grass too

  4. Hi Abbey!
    I'm glad you're back to blogging! When we first decided to keep her I found a few great dane blogs that I liked to read and yours was one of them! Was sad when you decided to take a break, but we're glad you're back!