05 January 2010

{04dec2009: reunited and it feels so good!}

We took the red eye back to Seattle this morning, which was delayed due to the pres deciding to leave Hawaii at the same time.... oi.  After a full day of work we got ready to pick up Darwin.  After a bit of miscommunication we met up and got our Dar back!  It's funny how after not seeing her for a week and a half she now seems HUGE!  Daynakin Great Danes was a great boarder... Georgia and Jack took great care of her and she even came home with a report card and a treat bag of a giant raw bone and a cute reindeer plush!  She was very excited to see us and we were very excited to see her... so excited in fact we forgot to bring her leash.  oops.  We got her in the car and got her home where she was excited to play with new toys and gnaw on her new bone.  
Now that we're reunited we can get back to our regular program and get back to posting!  
Hope everyone had a great New Year celebration! 


  1. They grow faster than you think! Glad you made it back safely!

  2. Welcome back. Holidays are great, but so is having the whole family reunited.

  3. Welcome home! Cannot wait to see how much you have grown.