11 January 2010

{10jan2010: Mango Minster}

I'm sure everybody who's anybody is already aware that the relentlessly huge Mango is hosting his prestigious second annual Mango Minster.  Check out his page for all the details.
There is quite the range of categories that can be entered, from Cat Dogs to Sporty Dogs to Cracker Dogs Insane Terriers.  Being that there isn't a Spoiled Princess Dog category, Darwin will be entering the Hard Working Dog category.  

Here's her entry photo:


  1. Hey Darwin! Guess what I just figuered out all on my own! That the titles of your posts are the date! And here I had just kind of thought they were weird numbers like on my photos, but I finally looked at it today and had an actual thought. How about that?


  2. Aouououou! Nice photo. I'm so relieved you're not in the same category I am. :) What can I say, I don't do well with competition. Good luck!

  3. That is a beautiful picture Darwin. I know what you mean I'm new to the blog world and the Mango Minster is new to me so I'll just spectate this year and maybe if I'm still around next year I'll enter...I think they should have a Senior Dog Category or maybe a princess category as I don't really fit in the other categories since I don't do too much.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  4. boy that Mango sure is a smart one!
    you look really hard working Darwin. I think you need to lay down and take a load off.
    wild dingo

  5. BOL....I would have entered the spoiled princess category too if there was one! ;) Beautiful snowy picture Darwin...you are gorgeous as always! By the way, I think it's funny how you tell your pawrents you are ready to leave from the dog park!!