23 January 2010

{22jan2010: dog pile}

I've been trying to practice Darwin's entry for Biggie's Dog Pile Contest.  She's not one to lay still very long, and even when sleeping when I try to put stuff on her, she has to see what's going on.  And if she notices a toy she wants to play with it even if she's tired.  Makes piling very difficult.  
Day one of trying I managed to get up to 12 toys...

and then.... 
{ooohhh, toys, I want to play!}

So I ended the attempt by doing this:

The second time we tried it was more of the same:
{I'll take this guy if you don't mind!}

I finally managed to get her to stay still enough with a record breaking 13 toys!

I'm sure that bite me bone is exactly what she's thinking.  
We have a few more days til the entry deadline, so I'll give it one more try and we'll see if we can get more than 13.  I think I need to look for smaller objects to place on her, then maybe I can get a few more.  :)


  1. very strong showing! I need to get on the ball this weekend!

  2. Keep working at it Darwin! I've already submitted my entry.

    woof- Tucker

  3. We need to assemble a basket of pile on objects to have ready, but even so, it is going to be hard.


  4. Oh, this is disgusting me! What am I supposed to do. I'm spending this weekend figuring it out. Shoot, the competition is amazing! See what you've done, Darwin? You enjoy your weekend, I won't sleep.

  5. Hee! Hee! That looks like a great entry already!

  6. That bite me bone should make you WIN!
    wild dingo