23 January 2010

{22jan2010: dog day Friday}

It's dog day Friday in the office and I decided to give Darwin another shot at coming in when other people are here. 
She spent the morning shredding paper... almost got to a few things that didn't need shredding!  Oopsie.  That would not have been good.
{Is there something on my face?}

Here's her work for the day with a giant flat of her baby picture from her puppy shower watching over:

After a while I decided I had enough with the mess to clean up so I sacrificed my monkey to entertain her.

I remember when the monkey was bigger than her!

She was just about 2 weeks old then!  awwwwww.
We went out for a walk at lunch time to Mud Bay so I could pick up a bone which I figured would be better entertainment than paper.  With so many new scents to smell and pee-mail trail everywhere, Darwin had to stop everywhere to sniff.

After the store we walked down to the pier where we practiced some sit-stays.

{There's a bird up there!}

We got back to the office and I kept her busy with the best $4 I've spent in a while.  A knuckle bone!

Except for all those crumbs all over the place!


  1. If only it was that easy with Jack - he tore through a knuckle bone in about 4 minutes - broke it right in half!

  2. Excellent shredding work. Could be a career in that.

  3. You shocked me with the recent baby photo with monkey. Darwin, you've grown! BOL Maybe I should try shredding...

  4. OMD...Darwin....that baby picture is so sweet and it's amazing to see the difference with the monkey now! :) That knuckle bone looks yummy.....have you ever tried a pig hoof? Those are pretty tough and yummy too!


  5. Yummers -- that looks like a great bone you have there Darwin!! Mom just gave me a roll that wrapping paper came on this evening and I did indeed shred it as well and I'm an old girl....it just never leaves us the need to shred things!

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  6. oh my, so young and so beautiful! And so lucky to get to come to the office with your mom!

    Bundy and Monica

  7. oooo... who needs a paper shredder with Darwin hard at work! Mom has discovered a really yummy treat that actually takes me a while to get through...it's bison pizzle. But, seems like I can get through a jumbo flossie now in 15 minutes, having my grown-up teeth and all. Maybe a nice blog buddy will send you one of these bison thingies for your birthday (wink wink)...

  8. hi
    we are El'bow & Hauwii
    we found your bloggy on Mango's blog

    cute puppy photo!!
    el'bow wa always a big puppy
    when he was born bigger then a bottle :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  9. Hello Brook and Darwin (love the name, she must be smart!!)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and showing support and understanding. Yes, poor me, tourtures I have to put up with.

    I read you got your bone from Mud Bay. You know, I have been to Mud Bay on several occasions too. Everytime we go to Bellevue, mum takes me there to pick out treats!!!

    I also have been to Marymoore many many times, and have met quite a few majestic creatures like you (Darwin). I remember one big (Boston or Harlequin) boy that was rescued by an old lady, he sure was huge but oh so gentle.

    Nice to meet you Darwin and Brook!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  10. What a great day at the office, Darwin! And gosh - I got a shock too when I saw that comparison picture of baby puppy you with Monkey...my, how you've grown!!!

    Honey the Great Dane