12 January 2010

{11jan2010: dog park weekend}

Now that college football season is officially over (thank goodness) til next fall, it means Jason is free to go to the dog park with us on Saturdays.  To start off the (college) football-free weekend, we took Darwin to Westcrest Park in West Seattle.  
As soon as we got there there was a bigger female fawn dane that Darwin played with for a bit.  

It was pretty rainy all week so the ground was nice and muddy, which Darwin loves to run through, but she also managed to slip alot in the mud trying to make quick turns and one time ended up face planting and getting a mouthful of dirt.

We met this cute little bulldog who was obsessed with a stick... barked at anyone who came near him though he really wanted them to play tug.

Jason teased him by stepping on one end of the stick so he couldn't run away with it.

A black lab found another big stick and Darwin was more than happy to try and steal it away.

She also participated in a game of three way tug with another lab and a pit bull pup.

Her Marymoor friends Bettis and Kendall showed up too!  It was the first time Bettis and Darwin actually played together!  Usually Bettis wanders around and doesn't really play, but this day he was having a lot of fun harassing Darwin.  At one point they both jumped up and chest bumped each other, resulting in Darwin falling down.  hehehe.
{Come on Darwin, let's play!}

{Ok!  I'll play!}

hahaha I love Bettis' face in this one.

{hahah Darwin, I got your ear!}

Someone else wanted to join in on the fun:

After all that playing, Darwin was ready to go home, which she's taken to letting us know by first staring at us, then jumping on us.  What a brat.

Sunday I took her to Marymoor where we met up with the dane group and she got to play with some of her best buds.


  1. Wonderful pictures! It's great how you can pick up on her signals about going home.

  2. Hi Darwin,

    Looks like you had a great time at the dog park. I don't get to go to those places cuz I'm old for one thing (mom's afraid I may break something) plus I don't care for other dogs...but I love people.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  3. Darwin, you're so not growing up in a small condo. This is the life, my lady. Enjoy. I can't get enough of the pictures.

  4. You didn't look too muddy for it being such a soggy weekend. Mom took me out to a dog park Sunday and I played with another pup in the sand pit for an hour. Mom said that's the dirtiest I've ever been. She had to wash my collar when we got home. But it was a blast.