30 January 2010

{29jan2010: dog pile!}

After getting so worked up about Darwin's brother's situation (more on that later) I distracted myself by making brownies, and then working on Darwin's entry for Biggie's Dog Pile Contest.  She was at daycare all day, so it was prime time to pile as many things on her as I could.  With her being a big dog, her toys are all pretty big, so I scavenged to try and find smaller things near by.  
Here was one attempt before we ate dinner:
I tried to get our baguette on her too, but the tomatoes were too distracting as they are one of her favorite treats.  
In the end I was able to get at least 17 (visible) objects on her and I was sooo happy!
Here's our list of objects we sent to Biggie:
1. red tug toy
2. red bone
3. bite me bone
4. stuffed pig
5. green rope
6. favorite sheep
7. beanie baby armadillo
8. fish
9. red and grey rope
10. tan pig
11. pink bone
12. reindeer
13. tomato 1 (yes a tomato)
14. tomato 2
15. pink rope
16. dad's sunglasses
17. pink leopard disk toy

There's technically 18-19 on her, but they are under everything and you can't see them from this view so we'll stick with the 17.  I was quite the happy camper that I got her to stay still for so long.

See that yellow toy in her mouth?  After I took everything off her and put things away, she fell asleep like that... with the toy in her mouth.
All that staying still and daycare really wears a girl out!


  1. Wow! Piling food on her should score some bonus 'level of difficulty points! Impressive! She looks happy and tired in that last one ;-)

  2. BOL on the last photo. Are you SURE you didn't drug her? Sorry, I'm just jealous. No, really, that's one of the coolest photos I've seen. Cute and funny, both.
    Good luck with the competition. I'm submitting my entry in the next few days too. (you scared?)

  3. Very impressive pile!! Especially like the tomatoes!

  4. just read about her brother. sigh. ya, people do NOT think before adopting. i sadly didn't think either...and got a SIBE only 3 months after rescuing a high-drive cracked out dog that needed a long time of 1 on 1. Regardless, i learned my lesson and would never give up on my sibe because of my silly thinking. sigh. not everyone can be as perfect as us, huh? ;)

  5. Love the picture with the toy still in her mouth when she feel asleep!