06 May 2010

{05may2010: Boys Day}

I know everyone thinks May 5 is Cinco de Mayo, but in Japan it's really Boy's Day (kodomonohi), which was recently changed to Children's Day.  But it's also my birthday, and this year is the big 3-0!
In celebration there were balloons and confetti and cupcakes and flowers (all of my favorite things) and a great lunch (and margaritas) at Boka
And for Darwin... I'll be calling the vet to see if we need to get her hips xray'd to check for hip dysplasia.  While she's walking better after all the meds, she still is having problems with her back end.  Her legs slip out from under her while standing and she just doesn't seem to have the same control over her backside as she used to.  It never ends.  


  1. Happy birthday! Balloons, flowers, and especially cupcakes, are the best!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!x6

    I hope woo have a yummy khake...

    Paws khrossed fur Darwin of khourse!


  3. Did you get yummy banana cupcakes?! Hope Darwin is back to her old/young self soon.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

    Hope Darwin's hips get back to normal. :(

    Amber & Nala

  5. Happy 30th birthday!!!

    Hope Darwin's side-effects are getting better. Sorry I didn't have time when I read it to comment and respond to it properly. I was going to say that dogs often develop behavioural quirks when they're ill which turn into bad habits even after they get older becasue they get a lot of attention for those things when they are ill. I'm sure you're not but just be careful you're not inadvertently rewarding Darwin for any inappropriate behaviour. Poor you - what a lot of things to deal with lately!


  6. happy birthday!!! i'll be joining you in the big 3-0 club in a few weeks. yikes!

  7. Happy big 3-0, Darwin's mom!!!
    We sure hope Darwin gets feeling stronger!!! Maybe today's joke will cheer you both up?!?
    Nose licks for you both!

  8. Happy Birthday! :)

    I hope Darwin is feeling better!


  9. Happy Belated Birthday Darwin from us in New Zealand! :) Looks likes you had a great day!

    Hopefully everything gets abck to normal for you all soon :D

    Lexi, Jasper and Laura