11 May 2010

{10may2010: Weekend review}

The weather last week (and today) has been like winter in Seattle.... booo.  But this weekend was great Seattle spring weather!  We even got out the shorts on Sunday!
It's been a while since Darwin has been to Marymoor, and though she's not fully healed (from what, we're not quite sure, but hopefully will get more answers tomorrow after her x-rays) we thought she could use some social time.  
I think being somewhere "new" was so exciting for her.  She had to smell EVERYTHING.
We headed over to the water and ran into some of our Dane friends!
{Frankie, Lucy and Darwin getting some water}
{Georgia, Darwin and Autumn checking things out}
Darwin even chased and played with Frankie!
I was worried about her overdoing it, so I took her away from the group and made her rest for a bit in the shade.
We then met up with the group again and did a lap around the park before heading home.  It was great to see all our doggie friends again after months of not going to the park.  
Our visit to the park seemed to give her a boost of energy we haven't seen in a while which was nice.  Hopefully we can pinpoint her problems and get her back out there on a regular basis.

Oh, and one last picture for our friend Ammy with the best smile who's celebrating her AMMY-VERSARY!


  1. All were great pics -- but I bet Ammy will be happy with the last one! It's her big day!

  2. Looks like a perfect weekend day to us!

  3. I love the picture where she's with all the big dogs and she actually looks small.

  4. Oh, i LOVE the big smile picture!!! Meeting up with your friends must have made you VERY happy!!! You look sooooo beautiful! Thank you for a great present! :)
    I'm so sorry we're behind leaving comments. Mom kept having to shut down the computer because of small "s" storms - and forgot to charge up the laptop.
    PS: I feel extra special happy now!!!