12 May 2010

{11may2010: waiting}

Darwin's at the vet getting xrayed (and her nails trimmed while she's sedated!), so while we wait for news here are some pictures from one of Darwin's days at work with us.  We took a walk up to Pike Place Market to enjoy the sun.
Darwin was running low on raw bones at home, so we stopped by the butcher to get a bag.
That's the famous Pike Place fish throwers located right next to Don and Joe's, the butcher and our neighbor works there so Darwin had to stop and say hello.  The nice guy working at Don and Joe's even gave Darwin a little treat of hamburger... he tossed it to her over the counter and she surprisingly caught it without it hitting her face or the floor.  We took our bag of bones and went to get our lunch, but first Darwin had to inspect her bag before we could move on.

Darwin got lots of attention at the market and soaked it all up.
We'll keep you all posted on results of the xrays!


  1. yes! keep us posted! hey my brother lives in seattle too. always taking photos of pike place. i'll have to send him your blog and see if he ever sees darwin there!

  2. i love the pics! do you guys live close to everything that you can just walk?!?!

  3. Please keep us posted. I have to ask -- on the second to the last pic -- what is on the side of that building?

  4. Oh my! That gum wall is the GROSS! I had never heard of that before. Thanks for sharing....I think....ha ha!

  5. I've been away and just got caught up. Happy 30th! I am bummed to hear she is still having trouble and hope there are some answers soon!

  6. Like many tourists, our humans have stood in those places. We, however, were not on the trip. Bummer, huh?

  7. We've never been to Seattle and it's great seeing everything on your blog. I bet Darwin's always a huge hit at market.

  8. Hope all goes well with the x-rays!

  9. I'm khraving hamburg and Mom wants khoffee!

    Paws khrossed all went well today!


  10. Lovely lunch walk you guys had. The weather sure has been nice in the pacific northwest hasn't it?

    I hope your back and hips turn out ok!! Vet-Stem can help hip/elbow dysplasias tremendously, but so far not so much with neurological problems. I have a compressed spot between my L6-L7 that we are suspecting is causing me some hind end neuro problems. We were told by Vet Stem to not hold our breath on the IV stem cell injections to do much for it....

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  11. Hope things go well at the vet. Careful when you wake up. You will be tipsy.


  12. We hope and pray you got good news!
    Tail wags,

  13. What a fun adventure in the big city Darwin! I sometimes wonder what city life would be like...you make it look SO fun! I can't believe you got to go to the market and they gave you hamburger...what luck!