15 May 2010

{14may2010: xray results & flashback Friday}

After a game of voicemail tag I was finally able to talk to the vet about Darwin's xrays on Tuesday.  They noticed when she was there that she was shifting her weight on her back legs and palpated her spine before doing the radiographs and she yelped at the same spot as before(T10-T12 area of her lower spine).  So beside the hips she was initially going in for, they reshot her lower back and also covered her knees and ankles to make sure they have current radiographs of practically her whole body.  
Her hips look "gorgeous" according to the vet and her knees and ankles look totally fine too.  They did notice "MILD" (emphasis on mild) narrowing of her spine at the T11-T12 area of her thorasic spine. 
They asked how she's been doing and if she seems to be in pain.  So I told her about how Darwin's back legs seem to slide out when she's standing and how her rear seemed to get weak after running and playing.  She said that it is concerning that she's having rear end weakness and thinks we should go back for a consultation with the neurologist to check her reflexes and to asses her now versus a month and a half ago.   

She said it seems to be an invertebral disk disease and she doesn't think it was caused by trauma (i.e. her doggy daddy crashing into her) or it would've shown on the initial MRI as a disk out of line, compressing her spine.  
So... we still don't have a straight answer as to what's wrong with Dar, and I'm waiting to hear back from the neurologist's office on Monday (they only work Monday to Thursday) to set up another consultation appointment.  (sigh)

And since we need some pictures to liven things up, here's a flashback to some pictures of Darwin and her brother Boo from one year ago today when Boo came to visit us at work.

It's a beautiful Friday and should hold out for a beautiful weekend in Seattle!  Hope you all have a great weekend too!


  1. I hope you have a great weekend and that everything will go well next week for you. Please keep all of us posted!

  2. Sorry you didn't get anything definitive and had to play lots of tag to get the answers -

    Paws khrossed for answers/improvements -

    We wish you a great weekend as well!

    Khyra & Her Mom

  3. What fun pictures...how much work were you get done that day? Those vet visits just sound frustrating. Keep us updated on her progress.

  4. cute pics!
    i hope you guys find out what's going on with her! it must be so frustrating not having any concrete answers!

  5. I feel your frustration! We're still trying to figure out what's causin Remi's gastrointestinal pyrotechnics!

  6. Sorry there are still no answers :-( hang in there. I definitely think the writhing pile of puppy limbs in those photos livens up the mood.
    Moose + Momma

  7. Hee hee hee!!!! I love those pix of you and your brother, Dar!!!
    I'm sorry you don't have any answers yet. We'll keep my sweet friend in our prayers!

  8. Oh, I can just imagine how frustrated you must feel with all this! So terrible when you can't get a firm diagnosis and move ahead with treatment or management or whatever! It also seems to awful for Darwin to be having all theses "nasty possibles" at such a young age...

    Hope you get an appointment soon!

  9. Bless.

    You might appreciate this.


  10. Waiting stinks! I hope you get your answers really really soon, Darwin! I have my paws crossed for you...Mia does too!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

    PeeS. Woo sure were a cutie pie with your brother!!

  11. Poor Darwin & you. Waiting for answers is SO hard. Paws crossed for answers & good news.

  12. OH, dang!!! I was so hoping you guys had the answer by now. I'm sure you're very upset. This sucks and I'm mad that sweet Darwin is yet to be properly diagnosed and treated! So sorry is all we can say since we're dealing with a bunch of unsolved and unsolvable (this one only because some of the health issues are age related). Very thoughtful of you to end this post with the fun puppy photos. Now, let's hear some good news from you guys! It's time :)