29 May 2010

{28may2010: Woo hoo!}

It's a three day holiday weekend!  Woo hoo!
Hope you all have something fun planned!

Thank you all for your input on Darwin's barking issue!  A really big thanks to Honey's mom for her always helpful tips! 
We went for a family walk after work yesterday up to the farmers market in our neighborhood.  It was the perfect chance to work with Darwin with the tips from Hsin-Yi.  We had Darwin in her "sports bra" (
which we've taken to calling it after Mango called it that in a comment) and had a bag of treats and the clicker handy.  We worked on her heeling on the way up there, and once we got to the market there were a lot of dogs around (and people).  Darwin got tons of attention from everyone, and we managed to get through the whole market without her barking at any of the other dogs!  I didn't get any pictures though (I was too occupied eating my ice cream cone).   
On the way home we stopped at a little park and entertained ourselves by swinging on the swings, which Darwin did not like.  
We had found a ball on our walk up to the market and Darwin had a blast playing with it at the park.
So yes!  Training has been successful so far!  We'll be keeping up with it for sure!

So after we got home and Darwin got her bland dinner of chicken and rice she was in the living room playing with her ball, and all of a sudden walked over to Jason with it.  We thought she wanted to play, but then we noticed she had got her bottom teeth stuck in a hole at the end of the ball.
It's not that big of a hole, maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch big, but boy does it stretch!
We were shocked, but then had to laugh and run and grab the camera and I took a video on my phone before we helped free her (hehehe we're so mean).
So far it just looks like she's biting it right?
But, nope... not biting it.  It's stuck.  
(Jack, do you like our contribution to 'cut off part of your head' day?)
Sorry for the dark video... 

So after Jason freed her from the ball, we got comfy watching Jason's favorite show (The Wire) and not even five minutes later, she got it stuck again!  This time though instead of walking to Jason she walked down the hallway (I think in shame), so we had to follow her and get it off her. 
Now that we know she can get stuck on that ball, we've hidden it while she's home alone to prevent any further ball-lip incidents.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh my that's not good....take care and have a fun weekend!

  2. I'm glad the training is working out. Maybe I should try that with Miss M to keep her from getting over-excited. Is Darwin jealous because she wants to swing too?

  3. Oh Darwin, don't you hate it when stuff gets stuck. I had an pawesome soccer ball that I was playing with Momma and Dad with and then in got stuck in my mouth. Momma had to go inside and get a knife to pop my ball :( so I could get it out of my mouth. Don't worry I can totally play with the ball all the time now.

    woof - Tucker

    Pee S - I have one of those sports bras too but it makes ouchies on my armpits. Maybe my boobies aren't as big as yours and Mango's.

  4. Glad to see woo had some good times!

    BUT that's just too skhary on the ball -

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. Oh be careful with that ball. I know one doggie who got one stuck and had to have surgery and part of his tongue removed. Make sure it has a hole in both ends so that it does not create a vacuum.

    Listen to whatever Honey says. She is very wise. I am learning how to be a good boy thanks to her. I, too, suffer from getting a bit too exercised when I see doggies and whatnot on walkies. My sports bra and hot dogs help, as will going to graduate school (I hope).


  6. Hey Darwin - you're a finalist in my contest! Just wanted to stop by and let you know. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, no! Poor Darwin! I mean, the outing sounds like tons of fun but that ball attacking you?!? How scary! I wouldn't turn my back on that thing if I were you!

  8. I'm glad you found out about the ball before anything bad happened!!

  9. Good gurrrrrl Darwin! Mum is working with STINKY too. I wasn't always an angel on leash, but mum and I have come to an understanding.

    That's a cool ball and just the right size for you. Too bad it gets stuff on you..... and your parents are just like my mum, camera first, rescue second.....humph!

    BTW, I heard you will be (or is there)going to Cougar's Cottage? I have never been there, but have seen them featured at our pet expo and seen pictures. It seems like a great place, I hope you will take lots of pictures. Mum and I used to live on Vancouver Island too before we moved to Vancouver.

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  10. Hi Darwin - glad to hear that your training is going well! You're very lucky to have dedicated humans - a lot of times, people email to ask Hsin-Yi for tips but then don't want to make the time & effort to put them into practice - they are just hoping for a "quick fix"! So getting tips is only half the battle - it's your humans doing the hard work that makes it all a success! So you should be very proud of your humans! :-)

    That ball does sound a bit dangerous. I also heard about the other poor doggie getting stuck and needing their tongue cut out - it was horrible. My treat ball when I was little was a different design which had lots of little holes and so no vacuum created...but these seem to be a new design (my human is not keeping up with new toys nowadays coz I'm just not so interested in toys anymore as I get older!)

    Honey the Great Dane

  11. BARK! Oh, those hoomans are so mean. They find all the funnies in the things that shame us doggies. You need to catch your mommy with a flashy when she least expects it and teach her a lesson. I heard her laughing in the back ground. Shame on her. My mommy laughs when I fall back on my bum, and I dont think that is very nice either. Have fun with your new learnies! BARK! Sasha the Princess

  12. Poor baby, there she is suffering and her PAWrents grab the camera and then humiliate her on the internet☺

  13. Oh Darwin, glad you had a great weekend except for that horrible ball incident. :( I hope your Mom and dad gave you treats after you allowed them to torture you like that. ;)


  14. Hi Darwin!

    Oh how dreadful to get your lip caught! The only time I pick up a ball is to confiscate from someone who is having too much fun with it - usually my labrafriend Nero.
    Good on you for not barking at those doggies!
    And I wanted to let you know that I have made my blogging debut!

    your pal,

  15. The market sounds fun! :)

    Why do our humans have to always grab the camera to embarrass us?