06 June 2010

{05june2010: day 2}

(Read about day 1 here and here)

After a semi-good night's sleep (hard to get a good night's sleep with a 120lb dog in the middle of the bed hogging all the space) we got up and went for a short hike in the morning before breakfast once we could convince Darwin she could make it down the stairs.

We came to a clearing and Darwin got a serious case of the zoomies.

(pre-zoom pose)

Steve told us we didn't have to worry about picking up Darwin's poop as long as it wasn't on a main walkway because they have giant slugs that "take care of it".  We saw many giant slugs... like this one:

Steve was great and because the guests staying in the second room (it's a two room b&b) checked out already he let Darwin come to breakfast with us where she could harass Maximus.  This place was also great because if we went somewhere that wasn't dog friendly they offer free dog watching services... Darwin could either have stayed in the main house with him and the other dogs or stayed in our room (uncrated - he's fine with dogs being free as long as they aren't chewers and won't destroy anything in the room).  We left Darwin in the room so she could nap a little while we went out to zipline!

It was my first time ziplining and it was a blast!  We were in a group of 6 people, and one of them was this old lady ziplining with her adult daughter.  It was so fun!
After ziplinging we picked up Darwin and went out for a hike at the Sooke Potholes.

More giant slugs!

Here's a video of Darwin at the potholes.

We were going to walk further, but we passed a couple blowing their whistles saying they heard from another person who heard from someone else that they saw a bear and her two cubs.  We aren't exactly bear savvy and our jingling car keys weren't exactly noisy enough to warn a bear that we were approaching.  And when I asked Darwin what she would do if we ran into a bear she didn't give a very confident answer so we decided to leave.
When we got back to the b&b we found a friend sitting next to the drive way.

We tried to point it out to Darwin, but she kept looking at the wrong thing and eventually the deer got up and left.
That night we left Darwin to go eat dinner.  I wanted sushi and we found a really good place nearby, Akemi Sushi.

And that was day 2.  Day 3, our last day, wasn't anywhere near as exciting, but we'll post about it anyway.


  1. I wonder why they call them potholes. OMD!!! That slug is huge! What does it eat to get THAT big?! ...scarey thought.

  2. That place looks like heaven to me! What an awesome B&B too- dog friendly and a staff of slugs to clean poo... what could be better!

  3. What beautiful scenery!
    and those slugs - incredible!!!
    Darwin - I am not comfortable with bears either - how scary!
    we are continuing to feel jealous!

    your pal,

  4. I'm with Moose!

    What a great place!

    Thanks fur sharing the trip - we are looking furward to the next installment!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. Oh my God - what a gigantic slug! Now, that's would have made a great pet for Hsin-Yi! Hee! Hee!

    I'm really enjoying coming along on your holiday with you, Darwin - and I thought you were so brave those stepping stones! What a beautiful place that was!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. What a great trip! I think we should work on finding some dog-friendly places to vacation so we can take our pooches. It looks like an amazing time was had by all.

  7. That's the perfect place! How cool!
    Wow, those slugs are HUGE!
    I'd love to do zooms with Darwin! We'd have such fun together!

  8. You are so lucky to get to go on holiday, and that they are very dog friendly! :)

    Laura would have been so excited by the giant slugs and the deer, she loves seeing creatures you don't often see. We would have probably tried to eat the giant slugs though...hehe :p

    We love looking at all the beautiful places you go, especially the ones with rivers and ponds, we love the water! :)

    Licks and Lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes