03 June 2010

{3june2010: technical difficulties}

Hello out there!
I don't mean to be a stranger, really!  I have part one of a 3 day post all written up, but bloggers being a pain and I can't add pictures to it, and the whole point of the blog is for pictures right?!
This is day 2 of trying to upload pictures... and it let me do about 3 of them and now has gone kaput again... grrrr.
As we wait for me to figure out whats going on, here's a preview picture:


  1. Great pic....good luck and I hope you get it figured out soon.

  2. Nice pikh -

    We've found that when THAT happens, if woo just upload one or two, it will fix 'itself'

  3. Nice smile, Dar!!!!
    Sorry we got so behind commenting. It's been crazy here lately!