15 June 2010

{14june2010: weekend review}

Finally!  A beautiful Seattle weekend!  After weeks of rain the sun (and warmth) finally returned to Seattle.  The timing couldn't have been better because we had a lunch date planned with some friends and their 16month old little girl.  Because of the beautiful weather we planned on a picnic so Darwin could join.

It was Darwin's second time hanging out with Olivia... the first time was back when they were both about six months old.

Here's Darwin sneaking in a kiss.

This time Olivia is walking and Darwin is a lot calmer.

She still managed to sneak in a kiss... which caught Olivia off guard.

Olivia found Darwin's tennis ball and Darwin took notice.

So she went over to get it back... 

Olivia kept trying to share the ball with Darwin.

She even shared the plastic bottle with Dar.

It was Darwin's first time hanging out with a little kid and she did great!  Even when Olivia would step on Darwin's feet or bop Dar on the head with the plastic bottles, Darwin would just shift over a little and chew her bone or lay there and watch Olivia.  Darwin's occasional barks would make Olivia jump, but she was totally comfortable with Darwin and they were just so cute together!


  1. Hooray for Darwin and hooray for Olivia. My dog Stella, loves kids of all ages and puppies too. Its a joy to take her around, just like you found with Darwin.


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  3. Oh, aren't baby bipeds the BEST?!?!? Did you make her giggle, Darwin?! I love it when they giggle!
    You did so good! Way to go!

  4. I love those photos! I know Darwin's a big dog, but I love the contrast of her with the baby. And the still-motion tongue photo.

  5. oh i just adore these photos!!! such frameworthy shots! olivia looks so happy playing with darwin!

  6. GREAT pics! Olivia is a doll! I can see why Darwin wanted to hang out with her!

  7. What a great dog. The kid is not bad also. Abolutely fearless. Future Marine. Louie de Palma

  8. Isn't that awesome to see such a big dog be so gentle with a small child? People always seem so intimidated by Duchess and rarely give her a chance to show how calm and gentle she can be. Yay for Darwin for being such a good girl!

  9. Ahhhhhhhh!

    Thanks fur sharing them!


  10. Aw...they are just gorgeous together!! It is wondeful when the big dogs can be so gentle - although that is partly the result of your great upbringing of Darwin! :-)

    Hee! Hee! I had to laugh when you said they were both 6 months last time - hah! Darwin's done a bit more growing, I think! :-)


  11. Ahh! I love when little kids love big dogs, its so cute!! What a good girl Darwin is too :)

  12. I am glad you are getting along with that strange little puppy. She seems to be respectful of you.


  13. We hope woo are feeling better, Darwin! Woo were very brave to get those needle-thingies in your back!

    What fun to play with the mini-hooman. Woo seem very gentle to her.

    Gus and Waldo

  14. You know Darwin, since I'm trying to catch up on your bloggie, I've just finished reading your last (next) post regarding the acupuncture vet's comments about you, and then I scrolled down to this post where you let Olivia step on you, bang your head with the plastic bottle, and you didn't mind her being so close to you while you were eating the yummy foodables.

    So you know what I think? You are a smart gurrrrl that you can sense people very well. People who are vulnerable and lovely (ie, Olivia), people who are just a little bit "off" in some way, maybe their energy, maybe they don't like you like others do, maybe they way they are handling you isn't respectful. Your last behaviour where the doc called you and you walked past her is perfectly fine. There is NOTHING wrong with that kind of behaviour. An animal trainer/behaviourist once told my mum when mum mentioned that I'm quite "aloof" or "indifferent" to strangers, she said that is actually a sign of a very confident dog with very good social skills. A dog with good social skills is very aware of space for others. They won't go up and stick their face in some other strange dog's face because that is rude and can get themselves into trouble. So for you to walk by with a quick sniff, and off, that's a sign that you have very good social skills. I am exactly the same way, I don't crave attention from other people because I am happy and content and confident. I don't need the extra scratches to make me feel good. I have the people who I have accepted who I love to get attention from, and that's all I need. The behaviourist actually said that there are very few dogs like me because most dogs would go up to anyone and just want attention. She said that's actually a sign of "insecurity" in the dog. Mum says that makes a lot of sense because when I greet dogs, I am very respectful of their space, and I expect the same with my space. STINKY on the other hand doesn't have nearly as good of social skills as me, and he gets into other dogs/hooman's spaces. He also isn't as confident as me, and is more insecure.

    I'm a terrier, biggest kind of terrier. Mum's first ever dog. She got me at 16. Terriers aren't for first time dog owners, it's said many times. But, look at us!!! So I just want you and your mom to know that don't take what that doc say to heart, just let her needles do their work for you to feel better!

    BTW, have you seen me get my acupuncture? Here is a page of me getting acupuncture (there's a video too, I fall asleep LOL). It really works on me and I feel a lot better after wards. I also get the electrocurrent too, you can see some of the pictures.


    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade