29 June 2010

{28june2010: the crazies}

This weekend Darwin got to meet "the crazies" (my mom and two aunties).  My mom and Aunty S2 were visiting my Aunty S1 in Sacramento and the three of them decided to come and visit us for the weekend.  They got in Thursday afternoon, but we didn't have time for them to meet Darwin.  They spent Friday touring Seattle via The Ducks and browsing around Pikes Place Market.  They met up with Jason and I after work and we took them over to meet Darwin.
Darwin soon noticed Jason was carrying a bag from Beecher's Cheese and had to inspect it.

{mmm is that cheese I smell?!}
She also serenaded them with a round of "hello's".

She kept leaning on my mom, which my mom thought was hilarious as she almost fell over a few times.

Darwin kept whacking everyone with her excited tail (which hurts) and didn't like everyone laughing at her.

After the introductions were over we noticed blood all over my mom's pants.  We realized it was from Darwin's tail.  At some point the tip of Darwin's tail started bleeding (we aren't sure if she was gnawing on the tip of her tail right before we got home, because it seemed a bit bald, or if she just whacked it too hard on something) and with all her excited tail wags against everyone she got blood everywhere.  I took a picture of my mom's pants, but I don't think she'd like me to share that with everyone... hehehe.   
My mom and aunties were shocked at how big Darwin is... my Aunty S1 has a little collie and we've always grown up with 'poi' dogs (mixed breed dogs) or a Golden Retriever so a giant Dane was quite a size difference.  
On Saturday we decided to watch the USA vs Ghana game at our place.

After the game ended (poor USA) I took them upstairs to check out the view from the roof.

Darwin really seemed to like my mom and kept going over for some pets.

My mom thought it'd be fun to chase Darwin.

Then my mom tripped on the leg of a chair and took a slow motion tumble.

Can you see her?

It was the funniest thing.  Of course we all had to get a picture before helping her up.  She tried to blame it on Darwin (jokingly) but we all saw her fall on her own.
Darwin had a great time with her grandma and aunties and hopes they come back and visit her again soon!

On another note... 4th of July is coming up!  Last year Darwin was about 5 months old and cared less about the noise of the fireworks (there's the big fireworks show right over Lake Union, near our house).  This year Darwin is 17months old and this time she seems to care about the fireworks noise.  Someone set one off last night and Darwin kept barking at the noise.  I know there is that product out there the Thundershirt.  Has anyone used it?  I'm kind of hoping to not have to order something though (as it may not make it in time).  How do you all deal with fireworks and barking dogs?


  1. Mr B has a crazy whip of a tail that is so painful if it hits you. He also has happy tail syndrome where he whacks it against stuff and it gets all bloody. Your rooftop looks amazing! And big enough for Darwin to even run. I have definite rooftop envy.

  2. OMG Darwin- first off- what wonderful visitors. But really, what is the deal with your ear flipped up in the second photo? Was it just because you were moving or when you are really happy does it just fold like that and stay that way for a few seconds??? I ask because Moose's ear does that kind of kink when he is really happy and I have never seen another lab do that but maybe that is just another Dane thing? It cracks me up when he does it and I start giggling and tell him he's got a defective ear and then he gets even wigglier and his ear kinks up again. It is impossible for me to get a photo of it because he is wiggling all over when it happens. Of course, if your ear just looked that way because it was flopping around in all the excitement, then never mind!
    Not so sure about the fireworks but I have heard those Storm Defender Capes work great for thunderstorms. The thing is, at least part of the reason they work is because they reduce the static charge in the air which happens with lightning so it would not necessarily work with other loud noises. This static charge seems to be what bothers moose because he is unfazed by fireworks but scared of thunder... The thundershirt seems to say it works for loud noises in general so maybe there is more to it. Here is the one I was talking about that is marketed more for thunder anxiety: http://www.stormdefender.com/how_it_works.htm

  3. If you go to http://tellingtonttouch.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/the-body-wrap-and-the-thunder-shirt-applying-the-right-touch-to-fearful-phobic-dogs/
    you can learn some easier ways to create the kind of help that Thundershirts give. Like a snug fitting tee shirt or use wide Ace bandages wrapped around the body in a figure 8.
    Just Google Thundershirts and you will see several other websites with easy and cheap solutions. We do have a Thundershirt for Stella and she welcomes putting it on when the weather starts getting bad.

    Good luck!

    Jo and Stella

  4. Looks like you really hit it off with your Aunties and Grandma :)
    It sounds like you have a helicopter tail like me (Jasper). If anyone sits on the floor and I get excited they need to be wearing a helmet :p

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  5. Oh my, we are not bothered by the fireworks so cannot help.

    I love Darwin's face when she is singing. Ar roo roo roo. I can hear it now.


  6. oooh it seem you have a lovely family :D

    El'bow & Hauwii

  7. What a great view you have from the roof! Are you sure you were in Seattle? It was looking awfully sunny!!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

    pee. esss. Mom wants to chime in on the fireworks suggestions & 'happy tail' issue.

    1st...DONT make a big deal over her getting excited about the fireworks noise. No coddling, not even 'its ok Dar'...that just tells her its ok to be stressed out. Try to ignore her, or engage her in some activity she enjoys so she forgets about the fireworks noise. If she is barking at the noise, teach her "quiet"...and praise, praise, praise when she is quiet & relaxed. If she's anxious & trembly you can give her some "Rescue Remedy"...just a couple drops on her tongue will do wonders. You can buy it at Whole Foods and other natural health food stores. I haven't personally used the Thundershirt, but I have heard good things about it.

    As for her tail, watch it closely. Once a Danes tail opens up & bleeds like that it can be really hard to get it to heal. Every time they wag their tail, it reopens the wound. Its also a really hard place to keep a bandage on, but if it needs bandaging sometimes it helps to tape it under their body and put wrap all around their belly to keep their tail 'tucked' in place and unable to wag (at least until it heals). Just keep a close eye on it if its not that bad yet...I've heard of Danes who have had to have their tails amputated because the wound has gotten so bad! Not fun!

    Debbie, Murphydog's Mom

  8. Oh, how FUN! I love meeting people, Darwin! Especially ones who'll hug me and chase me and things! Did they love your voice?
    Is your tail OK? That sounds horrible! Owie, owie, owie!!! And is Brooke's mom OK after her tumble? That's something my mom would do!
    I LOVE your roof deck! Wow, you can see forever up there! Very beautiful!
    Stormy is the only one of us who stresses over firecrackers and fireworks. Rescue Remedy and the not getting excited things that Murphydog's Mom suggested help Stormy a lot. (And actually, now that she's deaf, that helps, but we don't recommend that!) :)
    PS: About the iPhone: Mom and Dad had the 3G and their contracts were almost up, so the timing was perfect. The camera on that one didn't zoom -- so if that's what your mom has, yes, the new operating system DOES make a big difference! Dad pre-ordered from our AT&T store and only had to wait about 1/2 an hour when it came in! Not bad. As Dad says, there are a few benefits of living in a small town!


  9. What great pikhs!

    Thanks fur sharing all those laughs!

    Mom is still in awe of the view!