14 July 2010

{13july2010: Discovery Park}

Last week the weather got really hot (finally) around here (up in the 90's)!  The heat didn't stop Darwin's energy level though, so we took her to Discovery Park after work one day to run some of it off.
She won't just run on her own, so we usually split up and make her run back and forth between us.

After all that running, Darwin's tongue was hanging a foot out of her mouth so a water break was in order.

We got to a little sandy area where we came across this cute (not so little) 9month old puppy!

The heat was slowing Darwin down so we headed back to the car.  As we got near the car Darwin spotted something in the grass.
We had spotted a bunny earlier and she didn't seem too interested in it, but this time she was after it!
She's way too slow for a quick little bunny, and once it hid under the bushes Darwin gave up.  It was really funny though to watch her try.


  1. She must have a lot of energy; our dogs can barely move in this heat. I love that running action shot with her ears in the air.

  2. O a St Bernard puppy! How cute :)

    Godd effort trying to catch that bunny...looks like you had a great time doing it!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. Oh a St Bernard Puppy - I'm jealous! I don't gets to meet many other big dogs.

    woof- Tucker

  4. That third photo down made me smile!!!!!!
    That puppy is very lucky to meet up with you, Darwin! I would LOVE to do that!