07 July 2010

{6july2010: WeekendReview part 1}

What a weekend!  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!
Over the weekend there was the Seattle International Beerfest (SIB - PIB in Portland) and we headed over Friday afternoon.  It's a pet friendly event with proceeds going to PetCross.
I headed over early with the girls.

Juneau made it seem like she was interested in sampling beers as well.

But then gave it a look of disdain.

There were water stations for the dogs (none for people - you had to buy bottled water) and Purrfect Pals was even giving out food samples for dogs and cats.  When Jason showed up with Darwin she was quite excited to be there and was happy to give her food sample a taste.
Besides the beer there were live bands on stage and a couple of food stands.  When we first got there the weather was perfect for sitting at the table in the sun, or in the grass.
We wouldn't let Darwin have any of our food, so she ate some grass.

At a table near us there was a cute littler 3month old collie/aussie mix, Max.  He was a brave little guy and would run over to play with Darwin and then hide as close to a person as possible for protection.

It was too cute watching them play. 
Darwin's bff Juneau gets a little protective of Darwin when others come over to play with her so she wasn't a huge fan of Max, but she did let him get close enough for a photo op!

We stayed at SIB for a while, even when it started raining, and Darwin was quite an attraction.  After a few hours of horse comments, though, I was annoyed and ready to leave.  We did get one original "moose" comment, but most of them were "where's the saddle for that horse", "that's not a dog that's a horse", "your dog must be part horse", etc, HIGHLY annoying.  Otherwise a fun night and Darwin was quite pooped after being out for so long.

And that was day 1 of our holiday weekend.  Stay tuned for more!  And to see more pictures of Darwin and Max, you can check out my flickr page.


  1. Beer AND dogs? That sounds like a great time!

  2. bol, Mom knows exactly what you mean about the dumb "horse" comments! I mean, come on...at least be a little original!

    I have been called a "Giraffe" and a "Dinosaur". Mom actually laughed at both of those comments.

    Mom doesn't even acknowledge the horse or saddle comments anymore. Its just easier than commenting back.

    Ahhh..the life of a Dorse (new designeer breed...Dog + Horse)

    wags, wiggles & Neeeeiighs

  3. We thought about going up for the Beer fest, but ended up going to Tacoma for the day. I sent you an invite today for Remi's 1st bday pawty (7.31). Will be attemping the famous banana cake. Hope you're available.

  4. What a pawesome day with so many khuties around!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  5. I really don't know why people feel compelled to make those same exact comments. And they also seem to think that they're the first ones to come up with it! ARG! Sounds like an otherwise fun event.

  6. Adorable Darwin with pups! Did you get any of those 'who's walking who' comments? That is another favorite :-/
    Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  7. It looks like Darwin had a great time - and so did you! :)

  8. Wow - what a cool event! Looks like Darwin (and you guys) really enjoyed yourselves!


  9. Oh, that looks so FUN! Especially playing with the cute, little puppy!!! Umm... at eating. Hee hee hee!