22 July 2010

{22july2010: amazing}

Just last week I was commenting and emailing back and forth with Honey's human, Hsin-Yi after seeing Honey on her blanket while sitting outside at a cafe on their last vacation 
Darwin never gets comfortable when we go out to places, and she'll usually stand the whole time, usually trying to put her head across our laps or will stand around impatiently.
So I was getting tips from Hsin-Yi about training Darwin to go to a blanket and to not give Darwin the attention she is seeking when she puts her head across our laps, and I was all set to put her tips into action when we went out with friends last week to one of our favorite dog friendly bars, Beveridge Place Pub.  Our friend's husband had just gotten back from a long work trip so we went out for a welcome back happy hour.  Darwin had a play date with her brother Boo that day, but usually even all day play dates don't seem to encourage her to sit and relax even though we know she's exhausted. 
So we got to Beveridge and after a round of hello's and hugs we sat down on the 'beveranda' and what happened next shocked us.  As we sat down, Darwin laid down in the middle of everyone's seat and RELAXED!

I was seriously amazed at her behavior.  It was almost as if she knew I was planning on making this outing a serious training event and didn't want to look bad in front of her friends.  Even when other dogs came out to the 'beveranda' she laid there quietly and hardly reacted.
The most action we got from her was when her bff Juneau walked around and tried to get close to her mom.
{juneau is that you?!}

{she's my mom!}

{hi aunty aileen!!!!}

{i said she's my mom!!}

Every time Juneau would squeeze next to Aileen, Darwin would lean her head back and push it up against Joo's head.  It was so funny!

{i've missed you juneau!}

{she's touching meeeee!!!}

{come on joo, one nice picture, please!!!}

{fine, but you better stop squishing our heads together after this}

After a while Darwin started getting restless (and hungry) so we headed home, but I was so impressed with her willingness to relax in public for the first time!  Our little girl is growing up!  


  1. How cool! I wish we had more dog friendly places here! Great job Darwin! :)


  2. My Dane Moose was much like Darwin and would resist laying down in public at all costs, even though I knew he was exhausted. Took him til he was 1 1/2 yrs old before he now consistently would lie down and relax without us telling him down commands. Silly Danes.

  3. Good job Darwin!! We are actually much better behaved in public than we are at home. People always say how good we are. Mommy calls us "home devils, street angels". BOL. That's what HER mom used to say about her!!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

    Did we tell you that wayyyy before us our mom had a Great Dane? Her nikname was Tiggre and she was such a sweetie. When Dad & Mom got married she had to give Tiggre away because Dad's CockerSpaniel was afraid of her(stupid dog). It was very sad, but Tig went to a good home.

  4. I know what a big deal it is to have a dog who can lay nicely in public. I had dreams of taking Miss M to hang out at the park, and eat at all these places, but most of the time she is a scavenger trying to eat grass or find crumbs of food. So Honey's mom did conditioning to make her lay still on a mat? What kinds of tips are there? We have a yoga mat Miss M loves, maybe I could start with that...

  5. Furry nice day out!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  6. Way to go, Darwin! And hey, your friend Juneau sure is cute! I love those snuggly looking pix of you two!

  7. Maybe Darwin is just growing up, right? You know, us big dogs are teenagers for a long time.

    That said, Momma does ignore me when I am being pushy which is not easy to do because it usually means I put my big slobby face in her lap.


  8. Aww, I love the photo of the two heads looking upward. So cute.

    We have yet to try to dog friendly pups, but have several options picked out when we are finally ready to try it with Link and Eve.

  9. they sure can catch us by surprise now and then, our big babies!? great pics - so funny with the jealousy theme..

  10. Well, it's great to know that Darwin can do it all on her own - it should inspire you! :-) Now you'll know that when she isn't lying calmly, she's just "acting up" and trying to push you to see how far she can get! :-)