08 July 2010

{7july2010: Weekend Review part 2}

Saturday Darwin got us up early to watch the Argentina vs Germany game (she literally woke us up at 700).  After watching the game and lounging around for a while we headed out to pick up a mini keg for our friends 4th of July BBQ on Sunday and took Darwin to the dog park.  She seemed pretty disinterested in playing with any of the pups there (she did get jealous of me making friends with this cute little fawn Frenchie) so we didn't stay long. 
We planned to make a quick stop at our friends to drop off the keg and do more errands (gardening for me - home owners stuff for Jason), but what was planned for a quick stop ended up being a pre-4th bbq.  

Georgetown Brewery made a mistake with our order and instead of a mini keg (21 pints) we got a 1/6th barrel (42 pints) so we thought we should get a head start to make sure we could finish it all for the 4th. 
Since we left early from work on Friday for SIB, Robin was staying the full day and managed to receive our Thundershirts
from FedEx.  We decided to test them out on the dogs.

Friday does have her's on... she's just so relaxed in it she melted into the dock.  :)
The last time we were at the houseboat Darwin was pretty anxious, and kept barking at the neighbors who walked by or the little dog on the houseboat across the channel.  Once we put the Thundershirt on her though she quickly settled down and got comfortable.
{super DAR!}

There were a few fireworks that went off while we were hanging out and both dogs were totally fine with it.  No barking, and for Friday, no panicking.
After testing out the coats Jason, Robin, Bb and I decided to enjoy the nice summer afternoon by doing some stand up paddle boarding and kayaking (in our street clothes as we were there just to drop off the keg).

Jason brought Darwin out to the end of the dock to get some photos of us and Darwin came with him. Darwin was pacing around the end of the dock trying to figure out how to get to me.

It was my first time SUP'ing and it was totally fun!  We ended the day with a couple more glasses of beer and BBQing lamb burger.  Such a nice Saturday in Seattle!


  1. So did the Thundershirt work? I know you mentioned it before, but I wasn't really sure what it was. You should do a post about it.

  2. Wow those houseboat things are sooo cool! :)
    It looks like you had a good weekend Darwin and we're glad you didn't bark at the fireworks :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. It's SUPER DARWIN!!!!!! How cool is that?!!? One of our pals, a super hero!!! Awesome, Darwin! You look totally cool in your Super Hero outfit! I hope it helped with the fireworks!
    Play bows,

  4. omg, that is so cool!!! i still have to try paddleboarding!

  5. I don't know how those thundershirts work, but they sure are amazing.


  6. Oh Darwin -I was just going to leave a comment about your new fancy-schmancy coat when I read a bit further and realised they were special shirts to stop you feeling stressy! HOw cool is that! I must have missed the post explaining about it but they look very interesting! And what's your verdict? Are they comfy? Do they make you feel less stressy?

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. Looks like a great time on the houseboat! Glad that Darwin didn't freak out at the fireworks. My blue dane tolerates them but I can tell he's not thrilled about the noise.
    I'd like to do a link exchange with you on my blog; http://www.savagedane.blogspot.com. I'll post your link and just let me know if you would rather not. Thanks.