02 July 2010

{1july2010: kites}

Yesterday it was COLD most of the day, but by the time work ended the sun had come out and the temperatures warmed up.  We decided to head out to Discovery Park since it had been a while since we last went, and we invited Darwin's bff, Friday to join us.
Since the weather has been rainy lately the grasses at the park were super tall and it seems like dogs just LOVE running through tall grasses.

There was a guy there flying one of those big stunt kites and the dogs went nuts!  As soon as they saw it swoop down they both darted over to chase it and bark at it.  Friday hung out under it, but Darwin kept running back to our side and would run back to the kite when it would swoop back down.


The kite flyer laughed at the dogs and after we corralled them he told us he's tried to get his dog to chase the kite, but his dog must know he's controlling it because he just stays at his side.
Bb took control of the camera so I was actually in some pictures!

It was a great evening and both dogs were pooped after their big kite chasing adventure.


  1. that's so cute!!! i wish i could take ollie out and let him run around without a leash but he'd probably run away...

  2. Chasing a kite seems so much better than playing fetch!

  3. How very much fun for bff dogs to chase a kite together!


  4. What an exciting adventure!!
    Play bows,

  5. That looks like a FUN park! I don't blame you for barking at the kite Darwin...looks suspicious to me too! ;) Hey, when are you coming over my way for a camping trip? ;) Wouldn't that be fun and we could invite Remi too!


  6. This is my favorite post so far! The pictures are so natural and happy, thanks for sharing :)